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Summer’s Gone

October 1, 2011

You may not remember back in this post where I identified my goals for the summer.  Gee, I was way off!

I did complete the story I was working on at the time:  A New Beginning, Chronicles of Batpooh State Volume 1.  No, there won’t be a volume 2.  I think I mentioned in another entry that finishing this story was a real chore because I lost my motivation to write it.  But at least I did finish it, so I got that going for me.  It ended around 60,000 words I think.

I also did #1 on my goals list.  The Scarlet Knight Volume 6 reboot turned into The Night’s Legacy.  That story was much more fun to work on.  Though the ironic part to me is that the parts not involving superheroics were a lot more fun to write.  Once it got into all the superhero-action story stuff I lost interest in reading it.  The end I think would need a little work because those epic action sequences I find difficult to choreograph.  Also I think the villain needs a little work.  Overall it’s the kind of story that would need a second draft to maybe get sorted out.  Or it just needs a reboot.  Reboot of the reboot!  It ended up at 98,000 words, which bummed me out because I just missed 100,000.

That was all I did from the goals on that list.  Last year I did a lot better than that, maybe because I was more focused.  Also more motivated.  A trend I’ve noticed since 2007 is that even years I’m a lot more productive than odd years.  In 2007 I hardly wrote anything.  In 2008 I wrote both drafts of Where You Belong.  In 2009 I wrote the first three Scarlet Knight stories, which was pretty good but I wrote the other 5 in 2010 along with a graphic novel script, a rewrite of the first one, a prequel, and another whole novel besides!  Then in 2011 it’s another dip in productivity.  Which means 2012 will probably be really busy!

As far as what I did accomplish, instead of all that stuff, I wrote the first five chapters of a fantasy story before deciding I should take some time later to actually read fantasy–what a concept!–and then instead of working on that I wrote this Back to Life story.  That wound up at 88,000 words, which was a lot longer than I thought it would get based on the first few chapters.  So overall I wrote maybe 200,000 words this summer.  That’s a lot compared to some people, but if you look at the stats for last year it’s a big drop.

Getting back to motivation, I found the stories I actually wrote this summer to go a lot better than the others.  I guess I’m an inherently selfish person because the stories I wrote because I wanted to write them went a lot better than stories where I tried to sell out and worried about writing them for someone else.  I still think I could write for other people, but a little financial inducement would help.  If someone offered me money to write something, then I’d be a lot more motivated to do it, because again I’m selfish and I like money.  So there.

Anyway, I keep saying I should probably take a break from writing anything for a little while, but I’ve found when I’m not working on something I get all antsy, especially on weekends.  I think I’m one of those type-A people when it comes to that.  Too bad I don’t have that kind of work ethic at my actual job.

I’m not going to set any autumn goals and don’t even talk to me about that Nano shit.  Oy, that’s all we’re going to hear about on writing blogs for the next two months!  It’s even worse than when everyone was doing that lame “A-Z Challenge” thing.

That is all.


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  1. I don’t ever participate in the Nano’s. I just don’t see the point. Agents hate nanowrimo as well and stop taking any submissions for December just to avoid getting people’s nano novels. I liked the action scenes that I wrote in my sequel that I finished this summer but they were highly detailed hockey games that I played out in my mind with whole teams. I really like ice hockey so it was fun to write games that had relevance with the story.

  2. I participated in Nano one time and that was enough for me. I finished, but feel no need to do it again. I also don’t look forward to hearing about Nano for the next month or so. zzzzz

  3. NANO! Can’t wait. I plan my year around Nano. As for Michael’s comment about Agent’s that don’t take submissions in December because of Nano, well, some agents are always looking for an excuse not to take submissions. I’m surprised I’ve not heard of agents not taking submissions from people that don’t sent sweet tarts with their query.

    Anyhow, you’ve had a pretty productive summer. I’m not sure if I’ve ever written that much in a year. That’s a whole lot of words.

    • And five of those words might be decent! I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic about the Nano or not. I always say for me every month is Nano, but I guess other people need that kind of motivation. Literary agents are a funny breed though. I mean in most businesses you encourage potential clients but they do everything possible to turn people away and then claim there’s not enough good stuff out there.

  4. Hmmm, it looks like 2012 will not be a very productive year. So I guess that trend will die.

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