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Terrible Tip: Rogue’s Guide to Rogues

September 11, 2011

OK, so the revised version of this shitty story is done.  There are still some edits, but I fixed the first six chapters.  What I found is that especially for what becomes a revenge story, you really need to design specific bad guys.  The first draft I just had generic minions, which would have been problematic later on.  You really want it to be more like a video game, where there’s a series of “bosses” the hero has to go through to get to the big boss.  And like in video games, each boss should have something different about them.  Or it’s like in “The Crow” how each guy he kills is a little different, there’s one who uses knives, one who’s all hopped up on drugs, one with a hot rod car, and the dumb one that all lead up to the big boss, who’s crazy and likes swords.

In this case we have:

Bad Guy #1:  Bobby Blades.  As his name implies, he likes to use knives.

Bad Guy #2:  Will “Tall Man” O’Neill:  He’s tall, obviously, and a silent assassin who mostly uses a silenced pistol.

Bad Guy #3:  Tom “Bruiser” Malloy:  He’s a big former boxer who may be dumb but really strong.

Big Boss:  Artie “Lex” Luther:  He’s the head of organized crime in the city, who derived his nick name because he’s bald and a real son of a bitch.

So in the beginning we have our hero take out each one until he gets to Luther.  Then later, our heroine goes through them all again to get to Luther and defeat him.

That made things slightly better.  Though it still sucks.  Anyway, the point is that in a story like this, you need to flesh out your villains almost as much as the heroes.

And something else I revised were the Sims 2 portraits for our main character as a man/woman.  I retouched the man version’s stubble to make it gray.  Though that didn’t work so well on the hair.  I think he looks a little like Richard Nixon, but whatever.  With the girl version I mostly changed her hair style.


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  1. I like that you put so much effort into trying to visualize your characters. I tend to draw mine, but that ends up taking so long. I should do something else.

    • I think each one I do on the Sims 2 takes about 20 minutes or less. I’d draw mine if I could!

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