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Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!!!

September 2, 2011

In case you didn’t read the bottom of Wednesday’s rerun post, all new entries return starting on Labor Day (9/5/11 for international readers)!  I’ve already got the first month of entries written, so here’s a list of what’s going to be covered to help jumpstart your excitement:

  • 9/5/11 Laboring Day:  how much should you labor on a book?
  • 9/7/11 Know Your Onion’s Enemy:  Does research matter?
  • 9/9/11 When All the Stars Go Out:  Who is the only true “movie star” left?
  • 9/12/11 Everything You Know About Blogging is WRONG!
  • 9/14/11 The sequel:  Everything You Know About Marketing is WRONG!
  • 9/16/11 Winning the Title:  Can a bad title sink you?
  • 9/19/11 Book Collecting for Dummies–that one is self-explanatory.
  • 9/21/11 Adverbs & Other Bogeymen Exposed!
  • 9/23/11 Bigger Bangs for the Buck: Is it better to think big with sequels?
  • 9/26/11 Here We Go Again:  What are the most common themes in literary fiction?
  • 9/28/11 Slow Starters:  Do agents practice what they preach when it comes to “The First Five Pages”?
  • 9/30/11 Breaking Up:  When is it good to split a story into two parts?

So stay tuned for a month of nonstop excitement!  (Mostly sarcastic there.)


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  1. Glad to now new content is on it’s way. I love reruns as much as anyone, but all those pop culture references to the Macarena and Friends are starting to feel a bit dated.

    • Yeah when I first started doing the blog I had to paint it on cave walls. Then tie a message to a pterodactyl’s leg to “Tweet” to people that it existed. Though mostly people just ran away before they could get the message.

  2. I’m particularly looking forward to “Everything You Know About Blogging is WRONG!” and also “Here We Go Again: What are the most common themes in literary fiction?”. They

    I’m a little scared by how prolific you seem to be, Rogue. I think you may have a problem…

  3. I’m amazed you can write them in advance.

    Your pterodactyls (Ptweets?) would have worked better with hashtags. Or hashptags.

    • The whole time the blog was in reruns I kept a list of possible topics and then I’d write one or two when I had the time. Or when an idea popped into my head. The scheduling is pretty easy with WordPress too.

      I should go find Seth MacFarlane’s email and go send the Ptweets joke in to use in “The Flintstones” reboot.

  4. *AHEM” I meant to say above that those 2 headings are particularly interesting to the likes of me. That’s what happens when I get interrupted by people who don’t realise I am involved in the heady business of commenting on someone’s blog.

  5. You over-productive bulldog you. I’m going to find an over-achiever blog award and make sure that it gets passed on to you with like fifteen requirements and an online meme.

  6. Lisa Potts permalink

    That’s quite a list! And the titles are pretty catchy too. I’m lucky if I get two posts scheduled in a month so the whole damn thing is impressive to me before I’ve even read any of them. In the words of Arnie, I’ll be back.

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