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Ants in the Pants!!!

August 31, 2011

OK, not literal ants in the pants.  That would be weird and probably painful–for me and the ants.

Anyway, a while ago (I don’t remember when exactly) I Tweeted that I was working on perhaps the worst story ever and yet I couldn’t stop myself.  Now it’s getting up to the point where yesterday I finished half-assed outlining the ending.  That only makes me want to work on it even more because now I can smell the ending!

I figured I’d save it for Labor Day weekend to hopefully finish over the holiday.  I’m not sure I’ll make it that long!  I wrote two chapters yesterday instead of working and I’ve already done another today.  Sure they’re short chapters, but still.

Sometimes it happens like this, where I really want to just keep going and finish something off.  Other times it’s more of a grind, which is the subject of the Labor Day post.  In this case I’m really antsy right now because I want to keep going but then someone will put some stupid paperwork in my inbox or send me an Email saying an employee died and we have to figure out how to send the final payment.  (It’s really callous of me to wish they could have died next week, isn’t it?  Better yet, don’t die until after you’re retired.  Then it’s not my problem anymore.  OK, if there’s a Hell that’s where I’m going now.)

Anyway, I suppose it’s better when you’re antsy and wanting to work on something than procrastinating to finish it.  So maybe I’ll get most of it done by Friday.  Or not.  Depends how many more people die between now and then.  (Yes, I’m a terrible person.)

BTW, I was keeping the story locked away, but then I read it the other day and after you get through the first 10 or so chapters it starts getting better.  And Chapters 3-5 need completely rewritten.  Anyway (again) locking stuff away kind of goes against my principles, demonstrated by the Rogue Mutt Archives, so I unlocked it, though there’s still an adult content warning.  Let the people judge for themselves how shitty it is!

Now to go take a walk and maybe get some of the antsies out.


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  1. By saying how shitty it is…you’re not going for the big sell are you?

  2. Saying it’s shitty makes me curious. I’ll be sure to check it out, er, after I check out a ton of other stuff I’m supposed to do first. Damn, I need way more time.

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