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Scribblings: The Second Half Outline

July 14, 2011

I only did about half of the outline before and a few things have changed since then.  I think for better or worse I have the story figured out now.  Not too much “far out” stuff going on here, unless you’re opposed to magic armor and killer Egyptian artifacts.  In which case, you suck.


The Night’s Legacy

(Tales of the Silver Seraph Volume 1)

(aka New Scarlet Knight Volume 1)

Rough Outline

Overall thing:  As the title suggests, Louise has to embrace the legacy of her crime-fighting parents and stop the evil villain from destroying the world.

Chapter 11

  • After everything she goes back to the hospital where her mom wakes up again.  Louise tries not to tell her about Dr. Johnson but she’s already heard.  She tells Louise that if she hears Dr. Johnson’s voice or Becky’s or anyone else’s not to do what it says.  She suggests again that Louise go back on the road and apologizes for bringing her here.
  • Later, Mr. Nasty is in his office meeting with a client, reassuring him that the Seraph is dead and they should have a much easier time getting a big shipment of drugs into the country.  But then Set shows up and kills the client!  He decrees that it’s time to make a change and tells Rahnasto to gather his minions tomorrow night for instructions.  Rahnasto reluctantly agrees.

Chapter 12

  • With Dr. Johnson being dead and the cops watching her, Louise decides to leave her dumpy motel and hide out in an abandoned building.  On the makeshift bed she has a vision of Dr. Johnson telling her to go back to the museum.
  • Louise wakes up and decides to go to the museum since it’s time for work anyway.  Megan chides her for coming in, but Louise says there’s not much she can do at the hospital right now.  So she gets to work on her crappy job.
  • At lunch she hears Dr. Johnson’s voice telling her to get in the elevator.  She thinks maybe it’s some kind of evil prank, so she gets in the elevator.  The voice tells her to punch the button for the sub-subbasement.  She does, expecting to find some joker waiting for her.  Instead there’s just a bunch of old junk.  The voice guides her to a hidden room though and there she finds the lair of the Silver Seraph!

Chapter 13

  • Louise is greeted by the ghost of a knight who calls himself Galahad.  He says she’s been chosen as the new Seraph since the old one has been killed.  Louise argues that she’s not any kind of hero, let alone a goody-goody like the Seraph.  Then as she looks around she sees an Xmas picture of her, her mom, and Becky.  It’s then she puts all the pieces together and realizes that her mom was the previous Seraph!
  • She questions Galahad, who gives her some basic details, such as that her mom first put on the armor about 30 years ago—before Louise was born!  She’s annoyed about this, but ultimately decides she’ll put on the armor too so that she can find who nearly killed her mother and get some payback.
  • Rahnasto and his minions are in an old warehouse or something for the meeting Set has called.  When Set appears, he lays out his plan to bring the city and then the entire US to its knees.  First they will begin hitting all of the major banks, including the Federal Reserve, the next night.  When Rahnasto suggests to Set that this is too high profile, Set threatens to kill him.  Rahnasto decides to go along with it, as do the others.

Chapter 14

  • That night Louise takes the armor out for the first time.  Galahad shows her some of the basics, like the augmented strength/speed, the turning invisible (even to cameras this time!), and being able to climb up walls.  She also tests out the Sword of Destiny that can cut through anything.
  • She hears gunshots and finds Detective Murdoch engaged with some criminals.  Louise tests out the armor’s bulletproof abilities and saves the day.  For her trouble, she’s threatened with arrest by the detective.  But Louise escapes.
  • After a night of breaking up petty crimes, she crashes somewhere for the night.  Galahad tells her how to make the armor disappear by uttering the magic words.  These also allow her to put it on.  Then she falls asleep remembering a time when she was little and nearly caught her mom in the armor one night.

Chapter 15

  • The next morning she goes to visit her mother.  She confronts Jessie about being the Seraph and Jessie tells her the story of how she came to wearing it.
  • Then Jessie warns her that it’s going to be a hard life for Louise and suggests that Louise give the armor up as soon as possible to avoid becoming a cripple—or a corpse!  Louise agrees that when she finds those responsible for her mom’s injuries and Dr. Johnson’s death then she can stop.

Chapter 16

  • At work she has to deflect overtures from Megan and Tony for that night, knowing she has other things to do.
  • She isn’t out in the armor long before she finds a group of thugs knocking over a bank.  She kicks their asses and swipes one of their radios to find out the Federal Reserve is being hit.
  • At the Fed she finds not only more thugs, but Set and Rahnasto!  She’s about to go in when the smelly man from the museum robbery shows up and begins fighting with them.  Louise swoops in and manages to pull him out after Set wings him with the staff.

Chapter 17

  • At his urging she takes him to another abandoned building where he has set up a sort of base.  As she helps him with his wound, she demands to know who the hell he is.  He in turn demands to know who the hell she is, since Jessie is in the hospital.  When she says that she’s Jessie’s daughter, he starts getting nervous.  From the look on his face, not to mention his face itself, she starts putting the pieces together and realizes he’s her father!
  • She screams at him about abandoning her and Jessie and threatens to kill him.  He calms her down a little and promises to explain why he couldn’t see her, as much as he wanted to.
  • His real name is Sam Rivers and he used to be a detective for the RCPD about 35 years ago.  But his honest ways pissed off too many people, so they shot him and then burned down the building he was in to cover their tracks.  Except he escaped and used a corpse to cover his tracks.  He decided to remain off the grid and fight crime and corruption as the Private Eye, an uncompromising vigilante.  Years later he was working on a case when he was hurt.  The Silver Seraph found him and took care of him.  He and Jessie fell in love and made Louise.  The downside was that more than ever Sam couldn’t reveal his true identity or the mob and dirty cops would not only kill him, but also Jessie and Louise.  So he’s had to stay away from her, to keep her safe.  She reluctantly accepts this and gives him a hug, promising to stay with him for the night.
  • Meanwhile, back at the Brass Drum, Rahnasto is pissed at Set.  He promised the Seraph was dead, but she’s back.  Set says it will not affect his plans; he’ll deal with the new one just like the old one.  In the meantime they’ll continue as planned.  Afterward Rahnasto complains this deal keeps getting worse all the time!

Chapter 18

  • The next morning Louise visits her mom again, this time saying that she knows who her father is now.  Jessie apologizes for keeping the secret all these years.  She wishes more than anything they could have been a normal family, but it wasn’t possible.  Louise is still miffed when she leaves.
  • In the waiting room Megan suggests they go out for a drink or two to get their minds off things.  They’re at a restaurant eating lunch when Tony tracks them down.  He says the hospital has been trying to reach Louise.  She fears the worse, but when she calls gets a message to call a lawyer’s office.
  • Later that day she meets a lawyer who explains that Dr. Johnson’s will stipulates she is to receive the bulk of his estate, including the 707, his mansion, and a lot of dough.  The one stipulation (one signed just the day before Dr. Johnson’s death) was that to keep all that stuff Louise has to complete her PhD within two years because he knows that was important to Jessie.  There’s also the added wrinkle that with Jessie crippled, Louise is the executor of his estate!  Which means she has to plan a funeral for him.

Chapter 19

  • She talks with her mom about the recent developments and asks what kind of service she thinks Dr. Johnson would want.  Jessie says that really he would just want his friends and colleagues at the museum to say a few words.
  • Megan accompanies Louise when they go to the mortuary later.  She decides that Dr. Johnson should be cremated and that when she’s able, she’ll spread some of his ashes in Egypt with the rest being buried with Becky—the two loves of his life!  Megan offers her apartment for Louise to stay at that night, but Louise says she has something else to do.

Chapter 20

  • She goes back to her father’s hideout, where despite his wound he’s ready to go out.  He offers to show her some of the basics on how to conduct an investigation to find Set and Rahnasto and figure out what they’re up to.
  • They start with a low-level drug dealer.  Louise and Sam twist his arm (until it breaks) until he tells them where to find a mob guy.  Sam already knew, but he wanted Louise to see how the system works.
  • They go to find the mob guy at a club or something.  They take him out back and beat the crap out of him, but all he knows is that the dude is named Set and he has something big in the works.  No one knows what quite yet.  Then Sam kills the guy while Louise watches, feeling conflicted.

Chapter 21

  • A day or two later the funeral service is held at the museum.  Per Jessie’s suggestion, it’s just Dr. Johnson’s friends and colleagues who’ve shown up to the Egypt exhibit to say what he meant to them.  When it’s Louise’s turn she can’t make her way through what she’s written and bolts.
  • Megan finds her elsewhere in the museum and comforts her, giving her the strength to go back for the rest of the thing.
  • After most everyone has gone, Tony talks with Louise in private, saying how brave she’s been and so forth.  Then he gives her a gift:  a framed copy of the note he wrote for her one day with Dr. Johnson’s help.  This leads to them making out!

Chapter 22

  • That night Louise and Sam are out beating up some other mob guys.  Louise expresses her concerns about killing them.  Sam explains that if they don’t kill the bad guys they’ll just keep coming back.  Louise is still conflicted, but then they find out there’s something going on in the subway!
  • They arrive at a station, where Set has commandeered a train and plans to run it into another train.  Before they hop onto the train, Sam warns Louise to be careful, that this could be a trap.  Then they jump onto the train.
  • After battling some goons, Louise gets to Set himself.  The train and tunnel make maneuvering difficult.  She gets into a tight spot and is wounded.  Before Set can finish her off, Sam shows up.  He buys Louise enough time to make her escape, but in the process he dies.

Chapter 23

  • Later, Louise digs up his fake grave to replace the body with his.
  • She goes to the hospital, using the armor to sneak inside.  She tells her mother what’s happened.  Needless to say, Jessie is upset by this news.  She tries to assuage Louise’s guilt, but it doesn’t do much good.

Chapter 24

  • Louise goes into work that morning, which is ill-advised.  She snaps at the old lady she was nice to earlier in the story for talking too much.  When Megan tries to intervene, Louise goes off on her too.  Megan runs off in tears.
  • Louise tracks Megan down and apologizes.  Megan confesses how hard things have been for her and that she’s going to lose her apartment soon because she can’t afford it.  Louise suggests Megan come stay at Dr. Johnson’s mansion because it’s way too big for just her.  Megan accepts and they hug it out.
  • Later, Tony asks Louise to go out with him that night for dinner and she accepts.

Chapter 25

  • Louise and Tony go out to a nice restaurant, where she confesses that she was so angry this morning because she discovered her father was a hobo and now he’s dead.  Tony comforts her, telling her how hard it was when his parents died when he was a teenager.
  • They go back to Dr. Johnson’s mansion, where Louise shows him around and tells him about some of the valuables and such.  The tour ends in the bedroom—a guest bedroom because she can’t stand the thought of sleeping in Dr. Johnson’s bed.
  • When Louise wakes up, Tony is gone.  He left a note saying he has some stuff to do but he’ll see her tomorrow at work.  She’s kind of annoyed about this, but gets the armor on and goes to work!

Chapter 26

  • Using her father’s techniques, Louise beats the crap out of a Rahnasto lieutenant, who tells her to try the Brass Drum.
  • So she does and finds Rahnasto there!  He confesses that it’s Set behind the robberies and such and who masterminded the museum robbery.  He offers to help her bring him down because he sees Set as far more dangerous.  But then Set shows up and kills him!
  • Louise and Set square off in the bar.  She gets a good lick in on his leg, but he escapes.

Chapter 27

  • The next morning Louise goes to work.  Megan is there with some paint samples and fabric swatches and catalogs she wants to go over with Louise to redecorate the house.  As they’re talking about this, Tony shows up.  He’s limping on the same leg as where Set was injured last night!  He makes up some phony excuse that doesn’t satisfy Louise.  She remembers the note he gave to her and something in it reminds her of the message Dr. Johnson wrote before he died.
  • At lunch Louise goes upstairs to use her mother’s computer.  She discovers that his SSN and history are clever forgeries to fool the museum’s background check.  When she locates his real identity, she discovers that Tony had a brother who was a soldier in Iraq.  He died in a friendly-fire incident and that after the funeral, the real Tony vanished off the grid and the new one popped up.
  • She keeps all of this from Tony and Megan and then goes to see her mom again.  She expresses her conundrum and Jessie explains that her first boss was doubling as the evil Black Demon or whatever.  She disarmed him (so she thought) and confronted him.  But realizing what he’d done and unable to live with the guilt he found a way to kill himself.  Louise worries a similar fate awaits Tony as well.  During this Jessie also tells Louise about why she never killed people, unlike Sam.  Louise still isn’t sure who’s right.

Chapter 28

  • Louise meets up with Tony at the mansion again.  This time she just plays possum after they screw so that she can put the armor on and follow him.
  • She tracks him to a warehouse or whatever where he changes into his Set guise and meets with his minions.  He tells them that tonight they will really hit the city—and the nation—a big blow by striking the oil tank farm on the south end of the harbor!
  • They all get into vehicles, with Set and his top minions getting into a Hummer or some urban assault vehicle.  Louise hitches onto the back of it as it drives off.  Then once the convoy is en route she makes her move!  She steers the car off a bridge or something.
  • She and Set survive and do battle.  Set manages to escape again, promising that nothing will deter him from his goal!

Chapter 29

  • Louise pursues him and reaches the oil tank farm as his minions are planting the explosives.  Set does battle with her again, but this time she manages to cut the Staff of Set in half.  Before she can get him down on the ground or anything, he reveals his ace in the hole:  he’s taken Megan hostage!
  • Set tells her to either ditch the armor or else Megan is going to die.  She reluctantly does so, getting rid of the armor.  But as Set gloats, she manages to kick one half of the staff into her hand and hurls it into Set’s midsection.  Then she takes his backup gun to shoot whoever was watching Megan.
  • Louise calls the armor back and then takes off Set’s headdress.  For a moment she’s frozen with indecision as she decides whether to kill him (Sam’s way) or let him live (Jessie’s way).  Then she tells Tony that she’s going to get him to a hospital and then call Detective Murdoch so that he can confess to the murders of Dr. Johnson, Stan the security guard, and others.  He tries to kill himself, but Louise is too quick for him.  She disarms him and then knocks him out.
  • Then she goes over to Megan, explaining that she is the Silver Seraph and that it’s vital Megan keep this a secret.  She agrees and they leave to get Tony to the hospital and to call the cops to round up some of the mobsters.


  • It’s a few months later when Louise goes to the hospital.  Jessie is finally ready to come home.  Her legs are still crippled, but otherwise she’s in better condition and in better spirits.  Dr. Pavelski is there to tell Jessie to take it easy and to tell Louise to keep an eye on her mother.  They both promise they will.
  • They arrive at Dr. Johnson’s mansion.  With his money, Louise has made some improvements to the house so that there are ramps and elevators and stuff to accommodate Jessie.  Megan is there and has the place decorated for a party.  Others from the museum like Leslie and such are also there to welcome Jessie home.  During the party we learn that Louise has finished her PhD and will be working at the museum as a junior researcher in the Egyptology department very soon.  Megan has taken over the gift shop but is still living with Louise (and now Jessie).  Jessie will be retiring as the director of the museum but will serve as the head of the board of trustees on a part-time basis.  (The new director would probably be someone new who Louise clashes with in any potential sequel.)
  • Later, after the guests have gone, Jessie tells Louise how proud she is of her.  When the police scanner starts buzzing with big news, Louise gets in the armor and on her bike to head out and continue her work as the new Silver Seraph.

Or something like that…


Now I have to remember to Email this to myself so I don’t forget like last time…


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  1. I like crazy Egyptian stuff (the mummy movies are some of my favorites to watch-minus the third that is).

    • We probably both liked Arnold Vosloo (the mummy) but for different reasons.

      • HA! He was kinda sexy. But I liked the plots. My favorite character was the Rachel Weisz character to be honest. When she wasn’t cast in the third movie…well that just plain sucked.

        Visiting blogs today has been like that A-Z challenge thing…everyone is raving about Harry Potter. Bleh. I’ve no idea why HP is so freaking awesome to people or why for that matter, everyone is melodramatic… “The End of an Era” people say. O.o… so basically people are saying that the last ten years of fiction have been defined by Harry Potter. And I scratch my head and say…”I read like three books and they weren’t all that great and stopped reading them to read other books…”

      • I read the first one and it as OK but I already had my epic series like Star Wars and LOTR so I didn’t really need it. After it’s over then most people will probably move on to something else. That and Twilight I suppose.

        But yeah I don’t get these people who make it sound like she reinvented literature or anything. Like most authors she just borrowed from a lot of what was already out there. Terry Pratchett had a school for wizards in his books back in the late ’80s. And the whole Chosen One thing that goes back to the Bible, Greek mythology, and so forth. So I really don’t think she broke the mold or anything, just recast it like most of us do. But she made a shitload of money from it, unlike the rest of us.

  2. Your outlines are more detailed than most of my STORIES.

    As for Harry Potter, I haven’t seen any of the movies. I did read all the books and loved them, though. Yeah, they’re more of the same old stuff, but it was well-written and entertaining and I liked some of the little twists she put on the cliches.

    • If I’m not detailed I tend to forget what the hell I wanted to do.

      I’m sure the Potter books are OK, but I get annoyed by the people who make them sound like The Most Important Books of Western Civilization! Like Trials of the Century a new one comes along every few years.

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