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Monday Musings: ReImaginationland

June 27, 2011

I’m back from vacation now–though writing this before I even left, so wouldn’t it be weird if I actually didn’t come back from vacation but this entry said I did?  Have I blown your mind now?–with another Monday Musing.

One of my stated goals for the summer was rebooting this story.  Perhaps the toughest thing with rebooting a story like this is I have to constantly remind myself that it is in fact a different story.  That means that what was set in stone before is now set in mud.

By that I mean a character who may have acted one way before is now free to act a little bit differently because this isn’t the same story.  For example, one of the characters in the story is named Renee.  She’s 17 and has a unique set of parents: her mother comes from an alternate universe and her “father” is a witch.  (How do they make a baby?  Simple:  the witch becomes a man for a few months and then changes back.  Did I blow your mind again?  If yes then you should stop reading before you don’t have any mind left.)  Because of this unusual background, Renee develops a power like Rogue in the X-Men where she can absorb the magic of magical items or magical people and use it.

Now in the first story, Renee learned about all this when she was 13 and touched her “father” only to accidentally absorb her father’s magic, which nearly killed both of them.  After that some other witches try to teach her about magic, but they get freaked out about her.  Renee herself in that story is nice and a little shy except around her best friend and often wiser than her years.

When I started thinking about the reboot story, I had to force myself to ask, “What if she were still 17 only she didn’t know about what she could do?”  Then eventually I asked myself, “What if she weren’t nice, a little shy, and wise beyond her years?  What if she were brooding and angry–more like a normal 17-year-old?”

That opened up some new lines of thought.  Because the thing is, even when you’re somewhat retelling another story, you have to remember that it is supposed to be a different story.  If you wanted to just tell the same story all over again, maybe just copy and paste the old one into a new file and slap a new title on it.   The point of “reimagining” a story is to reconceive it in such a way as it keeps the fundamental principles of the old version but incorporates some new ideas.

Or you could just add zombies to it.

If your mind isn’t too blown, Wednesday is a BIG announcement!!!  (Prepare to have your mind blown yet again!)


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  1. Maybe she’s not 17 at all, but only looks young because every day she bathes in the pure blood of unicorns?

    Just throwing it out there.

  2. Now there’s a far out idea. Of course this was written before I heard back from that one agent. So then with that in mind I wrote up a reboot for the reboot and so the whole Renee character got cut from the storyline. Too bad really.

  3. A reboot rebooted? Is that a re-reboot? A reboooot? What do you call that?

    Someone in Hollywood probably knows…

    • In Hollywood it’s a “cash grab.” I think I called it a ReReboot. Which will be followed by the ReReReboot and so forth.

  4. I would love to be able to change sexes with just a thought. That would make getting laid a lot easier.

    • Actually she had to take a potion and it was quite painful. Then she had to stay that way for a couple of months to make sure her girlfriend was actually pregnant and then take another potion to painfully change back. So it wasn’t a lot of fun for her.

      Really we just need those things they had in “Surrogates” where you can customize your robot avatar to be whatever you want. If science can’t give us jetpacks and flying cars and teleporters can they at least do that much for us? Come on, stop wasting time making smaller and smaller cell phones and make this happen!

  5. It’s fun to pick out different angles and see where they lead.

    Hmmm, I wonder what Wednesday has in store for us. Should I be scared? 😉

  6. Sounds like you’re forcing yourself to push harder with this story. Knowing your character’s motivation really helps.

  7. If you’re interested, which you probably aren’t here’s the link to the “Reboot” version:**Reboot**/

    And here’s the link to the ReReboot version:

  8. I loved the last line.

    Rebooting, or reworking, a story, is hard for me; I HATE editing, let alone actually redoing something. So it’s interesting to watch actual writers do things.

    • Editing is terrible. I spent like a half-hour yesterday taking f-bombs out of the first Scarlet Knight story. Also a c-bomb and some lewd references to oral gratification. It’s really a chore to do crap like that.

  9. What’s wrong with f-bombs? I use them in my writing. So does George R.R. Martin.

    • I figure it might help if it’s more PG-13 than R-rated. I mean most superhero flix are PG-13 so they can cater to the largest possible market. Probably a good strategy for books too.

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