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Scribblings: Bullet-In

June 9, 2011

I’ve been working slow on this story, so I thought I’d go in and do more of a real outline to kind of jumpstart me a little.  There’s a lot farther to go than I thought!  Time to start working around the clock, I suppose.


Chapter 10

  • Buster and company enjoy a Cat breakfast of eggs and cream and then Lady Isis escorts them down to the landing platform.
  • Meanwhile, Draco warns Whiskers not to trust the outsiders.  When she refuses to heed this warning, he speaks with Cassie, instructing her to keep an eye on things.
  • Whiskers meets with Buster and the others and then they get on a shuttle to go around the planet and see the wonders of Cattatonia.

Chapter 11

  • On board the ship, Spot is nervously waiting for word about Buster and the Catt warships around them.  Marshy talks to him to calm him down.
  • Spot goes to talk first with Nina and then with Dr. Ruff about the Cats

Chapter 12

  • The shuttle lets them off to explore a traditional Cat shopping plaza, which Buster realizes is largely the same as on Batpooh State.  Whiskers largely ignores Dodger so that she can talk with Buster about spaceships.
  • After the shopping center, Whiskers takes them to a Cat library.  Buster sees that in some areas (like science) the Cats are more advanced than Batpooh State.
  • Dodger tries to take some information, but Cassie warns him against doing anything.

Chapter 13

  • Later, there’s a big feast at the palace, during which he and Whiskers talk about peace between their planets and exchanging ideas and such.  The queen, along with Draco, are not nuts about this.
  • After Lady Isis escorts them back to their room, Whiskers shows up.  She asks Buster to come with her someplace special.
  • Cassie sees Whiskers and Buster sneak out and alerts Draco.  He tells her to follow them and alert him to what’s going on.

Chapter 14

  • Whiskers takes Buster to a scenic place high up in Cattatonia’s trees.  Getting up there is difficult for Buster, but Whiskers helps him along.  From there they can see a spectacular view of the planet, which leads to a kiss!
  • Cassie sees the kiss and again alerts Draco.  He tells her not to worry, that he will deal with the invader!
  • Buster and Whiskers finally leave to head back to the palace.  But on their way they’re attacked by a pack of monkeys!  Buster uses his training and Whiskers displays some martial arts skills to defeat the monkeys.

Chapter 15

  • Back at the palace, Buster and Whiskers share another kiss and then return to their rooms unharmed.
  • Dodger talks with Buster, who says that the Cats are not so different from them and that despite what the queen says, maybe they can start diplomatic relations in the future.  (Like when the queen is dead and Whiskers takes over!)
  • Whiskers talks to Isis about how much she likes Buster and how she always thought dogs would be mean but they aren’t.

Chapter 16

  • Cassie meets with Draco, telling him about the failed monkey attack.  Draco tells her to go and kill Whiskers with a special poison.
  • Whiskers is in bed, thinking about Buster and the future.  She gets out of bed to discover an intruder (Cassie in a dog disguise) trying to put poison in her water bowl or something.  Cassie and Whiskers fight until Isis and some guards drive Cassie away without seeing who she was.
  • Draco makes a big show of being supportive and then takes some guards to Buster’s room.  There he slips a vial of the poison into Buster’s jacket pocket.  The guards of course find this and accuse Buster of trying to kill the princess!

Chapter 17

  • Buster and the others are taken to the throne room where the queen is waiting—and very unhappy.  Despite Buster and Dodger’s protests, Queen Smokey orders the guards to arrest Buster and put him on trial.
  • Buster is taken to a Cat dungeon where Draco gloats that soon he’ll face “justice.”  Buster isn’t so sure about that.  Dodger contacts him later, saying they can break him out, but Buster says it’s too soon for that.  They have to let things play out.
  • Later, Whiskers visits him and says she knows Buster is innocent, that he would never try to hurt her.  She promises to do everything she can to help.  As with Dodger, though, Buster tells her not to do anything too rash—just yet.

Chapter 18

  • The other Dogs—except Buster and Dodger—are sent back to the Batpooh.  Spot is angry and wants to rescue Buster, but the Cat warships tell them to clear the area or be destroyed.  Spot reluctantly does so to save the crew, knowing Buster would want that.
  • Jake is of course furious about all this.  Spot meets with him, Marshy, and the other important dogs about this.  He vetoes the idea of sending a tactical team down there, knowing there’s little chance of suggest and every chance of a war breaking out.  But he does have a needlessly complicated plan!

Chapter 19

  • Meanwhile, Buster is taken to a “courtroom,” where the queen will decide his fate.  Draco is of course the prosecution while Whiskers has to sit in the stands and do nothing.
  • Draco presents his fabricated evidence while Buster can hardly get a word in.  Needless to say, it doesn’t take Queen Smokey long to decide he’s guilty!  The sentence:  death!  That way Smokey figures the BPS won’t try to invade their turf again.
  • Whiskers pleads for Buster’s life, but Queen Smokey will have none of it.  She orders Buster taken away.  Draco gloats to Whiskers, who gives him a good cuff across the face.

Chapter 20

  • Meanwhile, on the Batpooh, Spot, Dr. Ruff, and Jeremiah are working feverishly to modify a transport so that it can sneak back to Cattatonia.  They’re working when Marshy interrupts them to say that Buster will be executed at midnight Cattatonia time!
  • Though they aren’t sure the transport is functional, Spot decides to launch a rescue mission.  Marshy, Dr. Ruff, Jake, and the Saint Bernards go with him to save Buster.
  • It’s a harrowing journey past the Cat blockade, but the transport isn’t detected and they enter the atmosphere to go and save their friend.

Chapter 21

  • Buster is in his cell, contemplating his fate, when Dodger shows up.  Dodger manages to subdue the guards and break open the cell.  But they don’t get far before Cassie and some guards pin them down!
  • They’re in hot water until Whiskers shows up via a secret tunnel, as all palaces have secret tunnels.  She takes them through the tunnels to a secret entrance.  From there they have to climb up to the spot Whiskers took Buster earlier.
  • Cassie and the guards are on their tails when they get to the top.  Buster is wondering what to do next, until the transport shows up!  Spot helps Buster in while Jake and the Saint Bernards put down some cover fire.
  • Buster tells Whiskers to go back to her people, but she refuses.  She tells Buster that she loves him.  Buster confesses that he loves her too and helps her aboard.

Chapter 22

  • Cat ships launch from the surface to try and intercept them.  Marshy and Spot skillfully evade these to get into the atmosphere, where more Cat ships are waiting.
  • They’re hemmed in but then Dodger tells them to send a transmission saying that the princess is on board.  This has the desired effect of the Cat ships no longer trying to destroy them.
  • They make it back to the Batpooh, where Buster orders them to high-tail it out of Cat space at maximum speed.

Chapter 23

  • On the way back, Buster shows Whiskers around the ship, including sensitive areas he wouldn’t show Morgana earlier.
  • They go to her temporary quarters, where she finally breaks down, asking Buster what do they do now?  He says they’ll figure something out once they get to the BPS again.
  • Meanwhile, Spot and Dodger talk.  Dodger warns Spot they can’t just waltz back to Batpooh State with the princess, but Spot says the decision has to be up to Buster.  Dodger says that he’ll be sorry.

Chapter 24

  • When they get back home, Buster and Whiskers are summoned to the president’s office.  There they first meet Buster’s older brother Jonathan, the chief of staff to the prez.  He expresses his displeasure at what Buster has done.
  • President Batpooh Bear is a little less angry, but still very annoyed about the situation.  Whiskers refuses to go back to Cattatonia, though, not until they clear Buster of the phony charges.  Batpooh reluctantly agrees that she can stay.

Chapter 25

  • Later, Buster and Whiskers are walking around town with Spot and Marshy.  Other dogs are surprised to see a Cat, which makes Whiskers feel awkward.  Buster assures her everything will be fine.
  • But it’s not!  They’re eating dinner (after finding somewhere with food appropriate for a Cat) when they’re called back to base by Admiral Barker.
  • They arrive on the base, where Whiskers goes back to her quarters to wait.  Admiral Barker informs the others that another BPS colony has come under attack by a meteor shower like the one at the beginning.  The admiral is taking command of the Batpooh to go investigate.  Buster is to stay with Whiskers.

Chapter 26

  • Spot protests the decision, but Admiral Barker overrules him.  He warns Spot that he can go along as the first officer or stay home in the stockade.  Spot decides to go.
  • He says goodbye to Buster and Whiskers and then boards the ship along with Marshy.  They talk a little about how unfair all of this is.
  • After the ship has gone, Buster and Whiskers are sitting around when Buster lets slip that it’s a meteor shower that’s attacking a planet.  Whiskers says she knows what’s going on.  The Cats are attacking!
  • Whiskers explains that some Cat scientists were working on a new energy reactor.  There were some problems though, which included destabilizing local gravity fields.  Buster puts two and two together and realizes that the Cats are using this as a weapon against the BPS.  They have to be stopped!

Chapter 27

  • Buster tries to get a ship to take him to the border, but none will let him go, not even when he pulls rank.  He goes to Jonathan, who doesn’t believe him.
  • Finally Buster goes to Buster Sr. and tells him about the situation.  He warns his father that all of the BPS will be devastated unless they can get there and put a stop to this.  Buster eventually agrees.
  • He and Whiskers get on a Bulldog Industries private ship and streak towards the border before it’s too late!

Chapter 28

  • Meanwhile, the Batpooh arrives at the colony to find another meteor shower.  As they’re working to save the colonists, Cat warships appear!
  • The Cat ships begin firing and forcing the Batpooh and some other BPS ships to fight back amidst the meteors.
  • Things are going poorly for the BPS ships and then the bridge takes a hit.  Marshy is injured by a blast and knocked out.
  • Spot rushes her down to sickbay.  Along the way she wakes up and confesses that she loves him and he confesses that he loves her too.  Before putting her on the operating table, Spot asks Marshy to marry him if they survive and she says yes!

Chapter 29

  • As the fighting continues, Buster and Whiskers arrive in their little ship.  They try to hail Queen Smokey.  Draco answers and says the BPS must pay for what they’ve done.  Whiskers’s pleas fall on deaf ears.
  • Dodger emerges from hiding on their shuttle and says they have to get aboard the ship and he’ll help.  Buster is skeptical, but he and Whiskers agree.
  • Dodger pilots the shuttle through the battle zone, narrowly missing some crossfire until they reach the royal flagship.  Dodger uses a neat gadget to blow open the hatch to get them on board.  But guards are waiting!


Chapter 30

  • Dodger and Buster take on the guards, being careful to avoid killing any.  But then more guards show up!  Too many for even Dodger to handle.  It’s looking bleak until Whiskers appears.  Summoning her royal bearing, she commands they take her to her mother.
  • They take her to the bridge where Draco is commanding the fleet.  He and Whiskers argue until Queen Smokey arrives on the bridge with Isis.
  • Smokey asks her daughter if she really loves Buster.  Whiskers says yes.  Smokey orders all ships to stand down.  This incenses Draco, who tries to kill her, but is stopped by Cassie, who has a heart after all.  She knocks Draco out and takes him to the brig.
  • On the Batpooh, Spot is in sickbay when Marshy wakes up.  She’s going to be just fine!  Their kiss is interrupted when Buster and Whiskers show up and they all hug triumphantly.


Later we have a big wedding in Cattatonia, the biggest in their history and in that of the BPS.  Everyone is there, including President Batpooh, as Buster and Whiskers are married.  Spot congratulates his friend and remarks how glad he was they didn’t go to this much trouble for his wedding.  That’s right, Spot is married to Marshy and she’s pregnant with puppies!  (Dr. Barker has already had hers and they’ve just barely opened their eyes for the wedding.)  Then everyone gathers for the big wedding photo, ushering in a new era of peace and happiness for the BPS and Cattatonia.  Roll credits!



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