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Vacation Story Excerpt Poll

June 7, 2011

I’m on vacation from June 20-June 24 this month, so even though I write most entries in advance, I decided not to post new entries then.  Last year I posted a few chapters of Virgin Territory as placeholders while I was away.  I was trying to decide which story to use this year, but then thought I’d leave the decision up to you!  Democracy inaction!

Below are your choices.  If you choose “Other” specify the title in the Comments section.  You can choose from any of the ones I’ve archived here.

I’ll close the voting Friday night, but I’m sure the voting will be done long before then anyway.  If there’s a tie then I’ll cast a vote myself.  If no one votes then I’ll do whatever the hell I want.


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  1. Have a nice vacation!

  2. Note to self: if “The Carnival Papers” wins (which seems likely right now) I think I should use “Learning to Fly,” “Sunset Limited,” and “Folksinger’s Blues,” all of which features someone on a journey of some sort, which would fit with the whole vacation thing.

    Use the updated versions from the paperbacks and include some commentary.

    Also: pimp the shit out of the paperback. Good ideas.

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