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Scribblings: Cyberbully Edition

May 19, 2011

I was walking the Riverwalk at lunch and came up with a great idea for a movie!  Or a book I could turn into a movie.  Basically the high concept is “The Social Network” meets “Easy A” meets an after school special–and Ripped From Today’s Headlines! (Cue “Law and Order” scene cut noise.)


The first half of the idea is that a teenaged nerd we’ll call Bob posts a snarky comment on some popular kid’s blog.  (Or Facebook page if we want to be “edgier”.)  Other nerds like it so much that they ask Bob to write similar comments to other popular kids who have been jerks to them.  Thus Bob starts the Grumpy Bulldog Cyber Attack Dog Agency.  “Let us h8 the h8ers for you!” is their slogan or something.

So for a nominal fee Bob posts mean comments on people’s blogs, Facebooks, websites, etc.  And he’s doing good business.

Now we branch into two different possibilities.

The Light Side: (Star Wars References!)

Bob goes too far and embarrasses a nice girl who becomes a laughingstock at school.  To make up for this, Bob befriends her and they hit it off.  But eventually someone tells her that he’s the one behind the embarrassing comments and she dumps him.  So Bob enacts a zany scheme to win back her love and they hook up.

The Dark Side:

Bob goes too far and embarrasses a fragile girl.  She in turn kills herself.  Bob is devastated by this and tries to make amends by being nice to the girl’s sister.  They’re getting along fine and she’s coping with her sister’s tragic death.  Then Bob stupidly confesses that he was the one who made the nasty comments.  She dumps him and he is bummed about it all.

This branches off into three more possibilities:

Light side:  He pleads with her for forgiveness and she does and they hook up.

Dark side:  He pleads with her for forgiveness but she refuses.

Ambiguous side:  He pleads with her for forgiveness and she does.  But she refuses to hook up with him so instead they become friends.

Get Diablo Cody to write this and Judd Apatow to direct and this will be HUGE.

And that friends is how you turn death into a fighting chance at life.  Or take shit and make a turd sandwich.


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  1. Oh I love it! I say use both options as subplots… romance and a girl kills herself. Don’t give this away… write it. Or give it to me. 😉

  2. You had me until you mentioned Diablo Cody. I agree: write it yourself, and do it both ways. Toss in a reference to “You’ve Got Mail” and call it an homage.

  3. I like it. Only thing is, you’d have to make sure that it doesn’t become too “Full House”/after school special. One of those things that could be amazing done one way, but devastating if you make it too preachy. I hate to say it, but it’s been done on a lot of kids television shows over the past couple years, so if they can do that in 40 minutes, you’d need to do it really well for a full book/movie. (But I believe in you! 🙂 )

    ❤ Gina Blechman

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