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Scribblings: Website Madness!

May 17, 2011

The other day, since I was editing this story, I was thinking of how to eventually make a website for it.  So I was coming up with some ideas that I need to get down somewhere so I don’t forget about them later.


So here are all the categories for various pages:

  1. Landing Page:  not sure what it’ll be called (Tales of the Scarlet Knight or something?) but it would have a basic overall description of the first story.
  2. Coming Soon!:  Basic descriptions of the 7 other stories in the series.
  3. Character Bios:  Bios of the main characters.  I’ve already done some of this on the graphic novel script version.  Lately I’ve been playing around with The Sims 2 trying to get a better feel for how characters should look.
  4. A Guide to Rampart City:  sort of a tourist’s guide for important landmarks of the city where most of the stories take place.
  5. Mini-Adventures:  Since the armor in the story is thousands of years old and been worn by a lot of people in that time, I thought it’d be fun to do some flash stories on previous Scarlet Knights as narrated by Marlin, Keeper of the Lore.  I’d probably do them in chronological order, releasing one a week or so to build up to modern day.
  6. Blog:  Can I maintain two blogs?  Probably not.  Anyway, I don’t know what this blog would focus on yet, but probably not as grumpy as this one.
  7. Contact Info

I could probably come up with a message board or something, but that seems like too much work to maintain.  Not that anyone would use it…

For 1, 3, & 4 I really wish I could draw because that’s especially where I’ll need some graphics.  I’ll have to try and work around that as best I can.

Is that too ambitious or not ambitious enough?  I don’t know.  Of course getting people to a website is the really tricky part.  Time to start networking!  How do you do that?

Now, check out the Sims characters!  There’s a lot of them; I was really bored.

From left to right:  Louise Earl, Dr. Emma Earl, Jim Rizzard, Dr. Dan Dreyfus, Becky Beech, Alejandro Chiostro, Renee Chiostro, Agnes Chiostro, Akako, Cecelia Rameau, old Sylvia Joubert, young Sylvia Joubert, Tim Cooper, Lydia Vendetta, Detective Charlotte Donovan, Dr. Ian MacGregor (who’s Scottish, hence the kilt), Marie Marsh, Gladys Cabot, and Percival Graves.


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  1. Don’t you already maintain a dozen blogs? Cheeze and Rice… I was looking at the blogs you maintain with my boss from the work p.c. and we came to the conclusion that you do a ton of blogs.

    • Yeah but the story blogs are pretty much one-and-done. Once the story is done and loaded they’re pretty much static. The only other semi-active ones are the Book and Movie review ones.

  2. It sounds really neat. I can be handy with a sketchpad in hand. I wouldn’t object to throwing a few your way if you wanted me to. As long as you don’t start giving me deadlines and stuff, then it feels too much like work.

    I say go for it, I toyed around with doing something similar with a single universe that I set most of my stories in. I think I decided not to because it seemed like too much work. But I keep coming back to it and wanting to do something.

    • You mean I’d have to put away my whip and cattle prod?

      But seriously, maybe you could check out this page ( and see if you have any ideas. Then maybe we can do some business!

      • Wow. You have descriptions for everyone there. I shouldn’t have too much trouble whipping up a few sketches. I’m still new to working with a tablet so coloring might be a bit tougher. I’ll throw together one or two by the end of the weekend and see how they look.

      • Thanks! I’m nothing if not prepared! (And obsessive.)

  3. I’ve heard that books need websites to have a shot — but, then, getting noticed is the first step, not the last, and how does one get noticed? I thought maybe I was too upfront about WANTING to get noticed, but then I saw that Hyperbole and a Half got a book deal, and she’s pretty brazen about wanting to write/blog for money, so now I don’t know.

    What you should do is do a post (or series of posts) on “Advice you absolutely must follow (unless you don’t),” like “You must have a website… unless you don’t.”

    But if you put half the work into the site that you did into the characters, it’d be pretty cool — and might help get people more involved in the mythology of your story. I bet if Tolkien were around today, his website would be incredible.

  4. I posted a pic of Dr. Emma on my blog. Now I’ve got a better idea for her than what I put up, after I was 2/3 of the way through I went back and read the first chapter of the novel and see that you probably wanted her to be dressed nicer. And again, probably be uglier.

    If you want to discuss her look a bit more for a future revision, email me at Rusty87d [at] gmail [dot] com.

    I need the practice.

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