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Agent Myth Busted

May 8, 2011

One of those myths about querying agents is that you should never, ever, ever, EVER send queries to agents at the same agency.  I discovered recently that I inadvertently busted this myth last month.

From looking at my QueryTracker stats, I sent a query to one agent at this agency on like April 6th.  It was rejected a couple days later.  Then completely by accident I sent another query about a week later to a different agent at the same agency.  Full request the next day!

Now the caveat here is that I submitted a week later and it was a different query.  Same story though.  Names not changed or anything.

Apparently I did that a couple other times too by accident, though without success.  I wouldn’t recommend sending the same query to every single agent at the agency at the same time, but sometimes where one agent says no, another might say, “Send me more.”

And since it’s Mother’s Day, here’s your holiday story excerpt.

Monday is still an entry on why 2 words does not a story make


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  1. I’ve read a lot lately about how the ‘rules’ of publishing are more like recommendations. If you’ve got something gold in your hands, you can get it published by a big house even if you do stuff all wrong.

    It might take longer, or make some folks angry, but you can do it.

  2. Interesting observations on Agents. Maybe I should relook at the big agencies and see if there are agents there I’d like to hit up.

  3. Most intriguing! And only a few agencies have databases where they list all queries received by all agents, so many wouldn’t even know I suspect.

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