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Friday Flix: WTF (Where’s The Flix?)

May 6, 2011

When I decided to reboot the blog by changing what days I post, I came up with Friday Flix because I enjoy watching movies.  Then I realized the other day that I haven’t actually reviewed a movie in nearly 3 months!  The last one I wrote a review for was “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” which I watched on DVD.

There’s really not much to say in my defense except I haven’t watched many new movies lately.  Mostly I’ve been watching older movies (a lot of old noir ones) on the Netflix Instant and through the mail.  I usually don’t figure anyone wants to hear what I think of a movie that came out before they were born.  I generally do the same with books because who cares what a schlub like me thinks of a classic?

Anyway, it’s been almost a year since I actually went to the theater and wedged my fat ass into a seat to watch a movie.  Mostly I blame Hollywood for this.  First there weren’t many movies I really wanted to see in the theaters, except maybe a couple art ones, which either weren’t playing in my area or were for just a week or two.  Then there’s the cost of a ticket, which can run up to $10 if you don’t go early, though I usually do.

But mostly I think it’s because of all this 3D crap.  Used to be you just had regular movies.  Then came IMAX, which didn’t mean much unless you went to special theaters.  Then came IMAX* the slightly bigger than normal screens that claim to be IMAX but aren’t really.  Again not every theater had it, so it didn’t much matter unless you went to the theater and they told you the fucking IMAX* projector was broken!  But now you’ve got 3D into the mix, so for a lot of movies you have to choose between 3D and regular and sometimes 3D IMAX and 3D regular and regular.

Yuck.  I’m a simple man.  I just want to go to the theater, buy a ticket, and watch a movie.  I don’t want a whole bunch of options like I’m buying a freaking car.  I’m also very lazy and cheap, so I don’t want to go to the theater and shell out extra bucks unless it’s something I really want to see.  Since that hasn’t happened yet and doesn’t seem like it’s happening this summer, I expect my movie reviewing drought is going to continue.

BTW, does anyone remember “The Critic” that briefly aired on ABC/Fox?  I bought that on DVD over a year ago.  There was a show that deserved a longer run.  Though when you watch it now some of the movie parodies and references are outdated.

Anyway, as Jay Sherman would say:  It stinks!

Monday:  Why 2 words is not a story…literary snob alert!


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  1. $10 or less for a ticket, wow! They cost us $15 a pop over here :O

  2. K. Howard permalink

    You’re not the only one who is not a fan of 3D, but you know who is? Children! The only movies with successful use of 3D tend to be animated. Sometimes a horror movie will use it, but it works a lot better if there’s a lot of color to play with.

    Movie theaters are competing against home theaters, which are becoming just as awesome as watching a movie in a theater. That’s why there’s so many options for the type of screen you want. Things must be better than the home video experience if movie theaters want to stay alive!

    • Part of that too is the regular non-animated movies that use 3D have so far been movies shot conventionally and then run through a 3D process so they don’t look all that great as Hollywood’s tried to cash in on the 3D thing since “Avatar.” The thing about that movie was James Cameron took a lot of time and care in shooting it–far more than he did with the story.

      • K. Howard permalink

        The thing with the current wave of 3D and “Avatar” is that “Avatar” made copious amounts of MONEY. Hollywood dishes out stories left and right, but they are first and foremost a business.

        But it is a pretty film. Story needs work, but I love watching it for the pretty.

        I also found the original scriptment for “Avatar” online. The story is a lot better, and there are some name changes, but it does kind of disappoint knowing that so much of the story was sacrificed. But we can talk about “Avatar” all day.

  3. I pay $9 here in Utah for a ticket $16.50 if it is for a DBOX show. I love Dbox…better than 3D in my opinion. And I like DBOX IMAX.

  4. And I thought I was the only one who stopped going to the movies!

    I don’t want to go out and spend money to be stuck watching something I’m not going to enjoy. (And I can’t knit in the theater. I knit while watching TV, so my hands get all twitchy out in a movie theater. It’s a problem. I know.)

    Yeah, so it has to be something special to get me out, and those movies have been few and far between.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing about the old noirs that you’ve been watching. I love old movies (especially movies made before I was born). I wouldn’t mind hearing about movies that I might not take the time to find otherwise.

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