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Terrible Tuesday: Much Ado About Nothing

May 3, 2011

Remember what I said yesterday about not having a to do list?  I lied.

No, actually that was sort of a lie.  Really I wrote Monday’s entry weeks ago and since then a few things have been floating around in my head.  I’ve got a few things now I could work on, which might get me through the summer.  Then maybe take some time off.  Ve shall see.


Unofficial To Do List (As of May 2, 2011)

  1. Untitled BPS Story:  You probably weren’t around when I wrote this story back in 2009.  It was loosely based on characters my brother and I created when we were kids.  Anyway, the other day I got thinking about a new way to do this.  Essentially eliminate the whole human portal story element and just focus on the animals.  In this case there’s a Federation-type group of planets called the Bloc of Planetary States whose inhabitants are sentient dogs.  Then a group of explorers led by the fearless Buster Bulldog discover an empire made up entirely of cats.  Buster falls in love with a cat princess named Whiskers, but when he takes her to the BPS to start diplomatic relations, things go wrong and war nearly breaks out until Buster, Whiskers, and company stop it.  (If you want you could say it’s like “Avatar” only without all the noble savage bullshit.)  I really want to try and keep it simple enough and without blood, gore, swearing so that my niece could read it eventually.  What would be really neat would be to put some illustrations in there too.  Not like a graphic novel, but just like at the start of chapters or something.
  2. Untitled Scarlet Knight reboot:  If you weren’t following the blog at the end of last year/start of this year, you probably don’t remember that I said one possibility if the Tales of the Scarlet Knight story I have circulating isn’t picked up would be to do a standalone version of this one, which I felt was the best one.  The gist of the story is that Louise Earl is an archaeologist who uncovers something in the desert.  She brings it home, unwittingly unleashing an evil goddess who is extremely pissed off.  Her mother for the last 20 years or so has been the Scarlet Knight, defender of truth, justice, and all that stuff, but when this evil goddess cripples her, the job falls to Louise.  It soon becomes clear that the evil goddes doesn’t really care so much about Louise but about her friend Renee, who’s a half-witch with unimaginable power that could let the evil goddess take over the world.  Did any of that make sense?  No, not really.  It’ll make slightly more sense if I write into a novel.
  3. Awakening, Birth of Magic 1 Rewrite:  It’s kind of obvious I need to rewrite this story.  In large part I want to do some work on the beginning with Sylvia and Cecelia’s friendship to maybe expand it more.  Then there are some other things I want to do to, like clarify Sylvia/Ethan’s relationship and simplify Sylvia’s background.
  4. Birth of Magic 2:  I really have to finish rewriting the first one (and finish the first draft of the first one!) but I have some vague ideas here.  I was thinking that instead of just focusing on Sylvia it would focus on her and her sister Agnes.  Sylvia enlists Ethan’s help maybe to track down the magic wand, which leads them to a nest of vampires in eastern Europe.  Meanwhile, some in the coven think Sylvia is the traitor known as the “Headmistress” and so Agnes tries to find evidence to clear her sister’s name and in the process learns the true identity of the Headmistress.
  5. Birth of Magic 3:  The idea here would then be for Sylvia, Agnes, Ethan, etc. to race against the Headmistress and Nazis to find the mysterious “birthplace of magic” where supposedly all of the witches like Sylvia and Agnes came from and where it’s believed new witches (or warlocks) could be created.  Maybe in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” style Sylvia is given no choice but to open up the birthplace of magic and learn its secrets.  A possible idea is that with the magic there she could go back in time and save Henri, the love of her life, but she probably doesn’t.
  6. And do a proper edit of the Tales of the Scarlet Knight volume 1 and maybe get it ready to put on Kindle.  Or not.

So, a lot of terrible ideas there.

Wednesday it’s Bad Advice from (Supposedly) Good Writers…


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  1. Sounds like you have enough to keep you fairly busy!

  2. You’re one busy writer!!!!! I’m tired just reading your to-do list, LOL!

  3. Ethan Cooper permalink

    I look forward to tomorrow’s blog.

  4. You have a lot going on – good for you!

  5. Lots of story plot going on here. Could be really interesting. Keep us posted!

  6. At first, I wasn’t sold on that cats & dogs thing, but then the more I started thinking about it, the more I liked the idea. Would it be a YA-type thing, a la the Hunger Games? Or more aimed at a younger crowd.

    All of these seem very different than the book I read of yours, which is part of the fun of publishing stuff yourself — ever wonder how many times John Grisham wanted to publish “A Painted House” but was told by publishers that they only wanted thrillers? (That book was actually pretty good.)

    I hope I’m mentioned in tomorrow’s post! Wait, maybe I don’t…

    • Ideally the BPS story would be aimed at about 10-11 years old.

      And yes you do get a mention tomorrow–as part of a Star Wars reference!

  7. Yeah, that’s a lot of writing to keep you busy. Good luck with it!

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