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Monday Musings: Judgment Day

May 2, 2011

There are billboards around town proclaiming that Judgment Day is May 21.  I have my doubts about the reliability of this statement.  But with natural disasters, wars, nuclear reactors going haywire, and so forth who can really say?  (Until May 21.)

The future of this blog is about as murky right now.  I suspended normal operations last June because I was too busy doing actual writing to worry about blog writing.  As I said then, given the choice between writing a story and writing a blog post, the story always wins.

I might do that this year.  I might not.  I don’t really have a To Do List yet like I did last year.  Finish the Awakening story–or work up a second draft if it’s done by the time this entry posts.  That’s pretty much it.  Except for getting the first Scarlet Knight story in shape to put on Kindle.  Should I post the 88,000-word export version or the much longer full version?  Hurm.

So far not feeling the same drive as last year.  Of course that drive didn’t really kick in until around May either, about when it started warming up and I could go outside to work.  It might be that I get working on some stories and start neglecting the blog.

Or I may take another sabbatical from writing.  I don’t like to say “retire” because I know I’ll come back to it.  Sabbatical leaves the door open to that so I don’t look like a jackass later on, unlike Michael Jordan, Dominek Hasek, and just about every boxer who kept retiring and unretiring.

The last sabbatical happened in 2007.  I was on vacation and working on a new story–one I never finished–and I just couldn’t answer the bell for the third chapter.  Just didn’t care and really didn’t feel like working on that or anything else.  So I quit.  Finished one last short story–“Folksinger’s Blues” if you buy my short story collection!–and then stopped entirely.  Spent months mostly reading, watching movies, and playing video games.

I might be leading up to that again.  If you read the blog updates from last year, I got around something close to a half-million words last year.  It was completely insane.  So that’s probably a big chunk of my lethargy so far.  It would be disingenuous to say that the large number of rejections recently doesn’t have anything to do with it.  Of course it does!  If someone were paying me to write then I would write.  But if no one is, then I’ll do what I feel like doing.

Also, back in 2007 I had just completed a YA series the year before.  In 2010 I completed the Scarlet Knight series.  Maybe it’s something about series that tire me out.  Or maybe I need a while to switch gears mentally.

Anyway, if that happens, I’m not sure about the future of the blog.  I might keep doing it, or I might not.  Or I might do it less frequently.  It’s all up in the air at this point.  I’m just warning you in advance.

Wednesday is another entry…or maybe not…


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  1. Writing is discouraging. However, sometimes I feel like doing it. I hadn’t written anything since November and started a story the other day. I’m aiming for 60K-80K words and it’s full of cheesy lines like “Her eyes were the ocean and he was drowning.” Oh and it also just has white ppl in it (the master race). It’ll be interesting to see if I can get an agent to take it on.

  2. The judgement day loonies by the way are just that…a bunch of religious nutsos. I’m atheist…just cannot believe in mythology. No religious person out there has any shred of scientific evidence that God exists. That being said, I do respect another person’s right to believe and practice as long as it doesn’t interfere with another person’s life. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case because you have your “Rapture” believers touting that you need to change your f*cking sinning ways based off of their code of ethics and they pound religious propaganda or you get religious nuts protesting like the Westboro Baptists… I have to say that because of my experience with religion, I do believe that it is an opiate for the people.

  3. I actually just read an article in a two-week-old New Yorker that made me feel a little better about the haphazard way I do things. In it, a scientist who studies time noted that he had many projects going on…

    … I’m going somewhere with this, so bear with me…

    …because doing that avoided the familiarity effect that, by the way, is the cause of the feeling that time speeds up as we age: it’s because it does, but that’s for another day.

    The familiarity effect is that the brain tends to gloss over the details of things we know already, so we don’t pay as much attention to something we see everyday or think about all the time.

    So this scientist has many projects going on at once, in a variety of areas — he studied a poisonous bug and time dilation of dangerous moments and synesthesia and more, and he also wrote a book of short stories called “Sum” that sounds amazing, and when questioned, he said that Thoreau had a lazy susan on which he kept ideas and when he got bored he just spun it and worked on something else.

    Which made me feel better about my zillion blogs and various other projects like a “litigator’s dictionary” I started and seminars I give and the like; it keeps things fresh. When I don’t feel so much like talking about THIS, I go write about THAT.

    What I’m saying, Rogue, is maybe if you’re not feeling the drive, try something else — writing or not — and make that exciting for you. When I hear writers say that writing is hard or boring, I think “They should find a way to make it fun,” and if it’s not fun, and you’re not getting paid, don’t do it.

    That said, I enjoy reading your blog, so I hope you keep it up in one form or another.

    Also, everyone: Go read Rogue’s “Virgin Territory,” because it’s awesome.

    • The problem is always even if I want to do something, I’m never sure what. I’m lazy and selfish, so I never really want to volunteer or any of that. Recently I thought I should learn to ride a bike because I haven’t ridden one since I was like six. But it’s so expensive to get a bike and the equipment and then how would I get it anywhere with my car? Plus the learning part. Training wheels might seem a little ridiculous for a grownup. Then I was walking one day and saw this lady on rollerblades with a couple of dogs and I thought maybe I should try roller skating. That’s more portable than biking and maybe easier to learn and possibly less expensive. Except no one really makes roller skates to fit my fat feet. So I got thinking of those old style ones you strap to your shoes or feet but only one company seems to make anything like that anymore and they cost like $140. I might still try that one, but really writing is a fairly low cost hobby and it only requires as much effort as you want to put into it (sometimes none at all) and at this point there’s not a lot of training I need to do. Plus it doesn’t depend on my fat, crappy body, so that’s a bonus.

  4. Lisa Potts permalink

    Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy. I think that’s the real cause of the dreaded mid-life crisis. People wake up and wonder what the he’ll they’ve been doing for the past three or four decades. As Sting put it “packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes, contestants in a suicidal race.”

    That said, I would also miss your blog, but I do have two of your books to keep me company.

    • Lisa Potts permalink

      I guess spell check has a problem with HELL.

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