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Scribblings: The End is Near!

May 1, 2011

I didn’t quite get through everything I first laid out for Easter weekend.  Chapter 21 went a lot longer than expected, so I didn’t get to Chapter 22 yet.  But anyway, the end is in sight now, so I should lay it out so I can refer back to it later.  I did Chapter 22 over the next Wednesday/Thursday, so hopefully this weekend I can finish the rest.


Chapter 23  Family Reunion:  Sylvia has to find Ethan.  She first goes back to the castle from Chapter 1, where she runs into Agnes’s granddaughters.  They have another charm and wind up sapping her on the head.  When she wakes up she’s chained up and Brigitte is guarding her.  Sylvia gets Brigitte to explain how the Headmistress saved her from dying in a carriage accident and about how the rest of them are all descendants of witches trained to become assassins.  Their goal is to somehow destroy the coven and rule the world.  Sylvia convinces Brigitte to let her go and together they kick ass on Zoe and Lise, Agnes’s other 2 granddaughters.  Then it’s off to Berlin, where Cecelia is taking Ethan.

Chapter 24 Road to Berlin:  Sylvia vanishes into Berlin with Brigitte and then they make their way to the bunker, probably fighting some Nazi goons along the way.  She says goodbye to Brigitte, who’s going on the run now to escape possible repercussions from helping Sylvia.  Then Sylvia goes in to confront Cecelia.

Chapter 25 Showdown:  Down in the bunker. Sylvia finally gets to where Ethan is being held.  Cecelia is there waiting for her and they finally have it out.  Sylvia confirms that Cecelia is her daughter and Cecelia is none too happy to her because after Sylvia gave her up, Cecelia’s adopted parents died and she wound up in an abusive home that the “Headmistress” rescued her from.  So they fight, but Sylvia can’t bring herself to kill her own daughter.  She tells Cecelia to kill her, but Cecelia can’t kill her mother either.  They agree to destroy the place and say that Ethan is dead so that he’ll be safe from the Headmistress and Nazis.  Then she grabs Ethan’s plans for the “magic wand” and leaves, promising that next time they’ll finish things.  Sylvia grabs Ethan and vanishes out of there after setting off a bomb or something.

Epilogue:  At the archives, Agnes is feeling better, but still not 100%.  Sylvia takes her and Ethan back to their house in Rampart City.  After putting Agnes to bed, Sylvia and Ethan talk in private.  She explains to him that he’ll have to do like Cecelia and use a potion to disguise himself since the Headmistress and Nazis think he’s dead.  He won’t be able to see her or his family or anyone he knows, not until the bad guys are finished off.  So later, after Agnes is well enough to make a potion for them, Ethan takes it and then does his “Incredible Hulk” walk away.  Later, Sylvia is alone in her special place when Agnes visits her and encourages her that they have to keep going and find the Headmistress and stop her and the Nazis.

Or something like that…


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