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Scribblings: Easter Weekend!

April 22, 2011

Eventually I got through last weekend’s Scribblings (which I have since deleted) though the last bit especially wasn’t very good.  Anyway, time to figure out what’s going on for Good Friday.  I won’t do nearly this much, but whatever.  [I got through Chapter 18, so I can work on the rest next weekend.]

Chapter 19 Bridge of Sighs:  Instead of Florence, they go to Venice.  Sylvia figures they can stay there for a day or so and that the Nazis shouldn’t be able to find them too easily to double-cross them by trying to get Ethan again.  She takes him to some of the sights around town, telling him about the last time she was there with Alejandro.  It was during that trip that they wound up creating a daughter.  When they’re alone later, they talk about that stuff and Cecelia and then wind up making out–but not more than that!

Chapter 20 The Negotiator:  At last the time has come to go to Florence.  The amphitheater is crawling with Nazis and Mussolini’s goons, with Cecelia in the center of the place with Agnes.  But Agnes is looking old and rundown now, like their mother when she became “ill” and lost her powers.  Cecelia says that she’ll trade Sylvia the antidote in exchange for Ethan.  Reluctantly Sylvia agrees to this.  She takes her sister and vanishes to the coven’s archives in Ireland.

Chapter 21 Family Ties:  Sylvia gives Agnes the antidote, but it doesn’t work as expected.  Instead Agnes winds up about two years old and not having any magical powers.  Sylvia consults with the ghost named Clare who is the archivist, who tells Sylvia that Agnes developed a potion to make a child-witch older.  She did this for Sylvia, who never found out about it and instead grew up a second time on her own.  Sylvia gives this potion to Agnes, who begins to get older.  She wakes up and tells Sylvia that part of the Nazi team who attacked them were her grandbabies.  Grandbabies she thought had died some 70 years ago.  Only then does it start to sink in that Cecelia is probably her daughter!  She tells Agnes to stay put and rest while she goes to save Ethan from her daughter.

Chapter 22 Memories:  We flashback again, to Paris, where Sylvia is like 8 months pregnant and starts to think of what kind of life her daughter will have with her and decides it would be best to give the kid away.  So she sees a sleazy lawyer and arranges an adoption with a rich family–whose names she deliberately doesn’t find out and who will never know about her.  After having the baby–a girl, just as she knew all along–Sylvia refuses to so much as look at the child to prevent her from growing attached and having second thoughts.  Once the baby is old enough, Sylvia has her servant take the kid to a meeting, where the girl is given to her new parents.  Sylvia follows in secret to make sure the exchange goes smoothly and then gets on a boat for America, where she figures she’ll never have to worry about running into her daughter.


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  1. I LOVE Florence and Venice!!! Sounds like a great setting for your novel! Lots happening here.

  2. There’s so much happening in your chapters that I feel like I’m in a George R.R. Martin book. Holy crap and convoluted twists. Can you make a key with all of the main characters and post it?

  3. Good job with your progress!: )

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