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Scribblings: Back on Course

April 5, 2011

I haven’t really been outlining this story.  I thought it would help to get some revised notes together so I sort of know where it’s going.  Though I’ll probably make more changes to the storyline that will fuck everything up.


OK, so where we left off, Aggie has left to stay with Hisae in Nepal and Sylvia is about to get Ethan out of town and eventually to Edinburgh.

So, Sylvia goes down to the basement and gives Ethan the 411 on what they’re doing.  But not long after they leave the house, Sylvia notices someone tailing them.  She has the cab drop them at Executive Plaza, where they go on foot to lose the tail.  She gets Ethan to safety and then surprises the guys tailing them.  It’s the guy from the War Department who was sniffing around Ethan’s lab earlier.  She warns him that he’s out of his league, so knock it off!

Then she gets into another cab with Ethan and bribes the driver to take them south to Baltimore.  Along the way they discuss a little bit about the War Department being on their tail and maybe Ethan wonders how it is a girl like Sylvia knows all this stuff.  When they get to Baltimore, she has Ethan get out and then uses magic to wipe the driver’s memory.  She leaves him an extra generous tip though.

In Baltimore they get another cab to take them to the harbor so they can board a ship for England.  They eschew the luxury passenger ships in favor of a smaller commercial ship with some room for a couple of passengers.

Later they’re on the ship in their tiny quarters, where Sylvia and Ethan work out details of their cover story.  He really isn’t happy about all of this, especially having to leave without taking care of Cecelia’s memorial or contacting her parents.

Even later they have dinner with the crew, during which Ethan slips out.  Sylvia goes to find him and does her best to comfort him with some knowledge she’s gained from having lost Alejandro, Henri, and so forth.  They share a tender moment and when they go back to bed things aren’t as rough between them.

A day or two later they’re up on the deck when one of the crew notices something in the water.  They think at first it might be a whale or something, but then it turns out to be a U-Boat!  The U-Boat doesn’t waste much time firing on them, badly damaging the ship.

Some Nazi goons and at least one of the blonde girls from Chapter 1 (Aggie’s granddaughters!) board the ship to try and take Ethan.  Sylvia fights them off, the blonde retreating back to the U-Boat with a grievous wound.  Then Sylvia gets Ethan into a lifeboat.  (Wouldn’t she have to somehow disable the U-Boat so it can’t sink them or pursue their lifeboat?  Hurm…)

They’re alone in the lifeboat and Ethan finally tells Sylvia that he’s been working on a “magic wand” that would let mortals use magic like witches.  He tells her the idea came to him after he saw a witch in his bedroom years ago.  Sylvia realizes she was that witch, but doesn’t tell him about it.

During the night, Ethan thanks Sylvia for saving his life and they finally kiss.  But then Ethan feels guilty about betraying Cecelia’s memory.  Sylvia doesn’t have the heart to tell him that Cecelia tried to kill them both—not that Ethan would believe her anyway.

When Ethan finally falls asleep, Sylvia takes a little flying jaunt to locate a friendly ship.  Ethan is still sleeping when she gets back, so she uses a spell to kick up some wind to push them closer to the ship.  She wakes him up as the ship spots them and they hug.

The ship drops them in Spain, but instead of going north, Sylvia takes them across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco or Algeria or wherever.  (The reason being she figures the Nazis know they were going to England and might find them in Edinburgh.)  They stop in some Casablanca-like town where they get a drink at a Rick’s-like bar.  Some Nazis break things up, but in the commotion with some patrons, Sylvia and Ethan get away.

They get some camels and provisions and then head out into the desert.  Sylvia figures they’ll get to the nearest settlement by the Mediterranean and then maybe get a fishing boat to take them to Tripoli or Cairo or something.  The heat and such bothers Ethan far more than Sylvia, who’s lived in the desert at times.

They’re going along, Ethan already exhausted, when a Nazi plane spots them.  They manage to survive somehow, but the camels and a lot of their provisions are gone.

They continue their trek into the Sahara or whatever, until Ethan finally passes out.  Sylvia uses magic to get some water and then watches over him during the night.  She vanishes them close enough to a settlement so that when he does wake up, they aren’t far from it.

But when they get to the settlement, guess what?  More Nazis!  Only this time led by Cecelia, who’s no longer in disguise, so that she looks almost identical to Sylvia.  Ethan tries to talk to her, but she’s not in the mood for talking anymore.  When Sylvia won’t give Ethan up, they fight.  During the fight Ethan is grievously wounded.  Sylvia sees no choice but to use magic to vanish him out of there.

She vanishes to Nepal, where Aggie and Hisae are supposed to be.  Except when she gets there the house is ransacked, Hisae is unconscious, and Aggie is gone.  Sylvia manages to find a Restoration potion, which she gives to Ethan and Hisae.  While they rest, she looks for clues around the house.  That’s how she finds a note left in very neat handwriting saying that if Sylvia wants to see her sister alive again then she should come to Venice in two days with Ethan.

Sylvia thinks about the last time she went to Venice, when she and Alejandro pretended they were married and fucked their brains out like newlyweds.  It was six months later that Sylvia realized she was pregnant!

Sylvia remembers Aggie’s dream and starts to realize the truth.  Hisae wakes up and says that a bunch of Nazi agents and a couple of women showed up and knocked her out.  She also confirms that Cecelia is Sylvia’s daughter, the one she thought had been dead for a good long time.  A secret Glenda hasn’t shared with anyone but Regina and Hisae is that the Headmistress has been recruiting those daughters, granddaughters, etc. of witch-mortal descent.  The magic in their bloodlines allows them to use potions, but they can’t cast spells.  They’ve been trying to pinpoint the Headmistress and who they’ve taken to calling Heretics, but haven’t had any luck.  Until now the Heretics seemed content to do small assassinations and such, but now that they’re teaming up with the Nazis, they’re making a play.  As usual Hisae offers Sylvia no helpful advice on how to get Aggie back, telling Sylvia to do what she thinks best.  Then she goes to tell the others.

Sylvia thinks back to when she met Alejandro for the final time in Florence.  His plan was for Sylvia to have the baby and then give it to Alejandro, who would pretend he’d adopted it.  Sylvia refused to go along with this and told him to get bent, but once alone, she decided she couldn’t give her daughter a good life on her own, not as a witch/monster killer.  So she decided to give the baby to a good family.  To that end she refused to even look at the child when Cecelia was born.  Sylvia arranged for an adoption and then made sure it went smoothly before going to America.

Ethan wakes up and finds Sylvia crying.  She explains everything to him:  that she’s a witch, that she was the one in his bedroom, that Cecelia is her daughter, and that Cecelia is working with the Nazis to get Ethan’s invention.  He doesn’t want to believe the latter two, though he doesn’t have much choice at this point.  They comfort each other and kiss more deeply this time, but Sylvia stops before it becomes anything more—she’s not going to get knocked up again!

They go to Venice, where they find Cecelia.  She has Aggie, but there’s something wrong:  Aggie looks about like she’s 70 at this point.  It’s the same disease that infected their mother, robbing her of her powers so that she rapidly ages until eventually she’ll turn to dust.  There’s an antidote to save her, but Sylvia will have to turn Ethan over to get it.

Sylvia is reluctant, but eventually as she watches Aggie suffering she agrees.  Cecelia gives Sylvia the antidote and Aggie and then leaves with Ethan.  Sylvia gives Aggie the antidote, but it works a little too well, turning Aggie into a toddler.

Sylvia takes little Aggie to the coven’s archives in Ireland to try and find a spell or potion to change Aggie back to an adult.  The ghost archivist Clare eventually locates a potion Aggie came up with to change Sylvia back to an adult after the wedding to Alejandro over 100 years ago.  Sylvia is touched by this and realizes even more acutely how dumb she was to run away back then.  She gives the potion to Aggie, who turns back to her rightful age, but can’t really use her magic yet.

Sylvia and Aggie have a tender moment and then Sylvia leaves Aggie for Clare to watch while she goes to intercept Cecelia and get Ethan back.  Maybe Aggie tells Sylvia that Cecelia is planning to take Ethan to the castle from Chapter 1.

Sylvia goes back to the castle and has to kick some Nazi asses until she reaches the throne room she torched the last time.  Ethan is there, drawing the blueprints in a trance again.  Cecelia is there with some goons.

After dispatching the goons, Sylvia tells Cecelia, “I am your mother.”  Cecelia is none too happy about this.  It turns out that her first adoptive parents died when Cecelia was a toddler.  After a couple years in an orphanage, she was taken in by a rich couple.  Her new father sexually abused her, finally knocking her up when she was 14.  Cecelia ran away, where the Headmistress found her and took her in.  Naturally Cecelia thinks it’s all Sylvia’s fault.  And Sylvia doesn’t disagree with that.

So they fight.  Except Sylvia can’t kill her own daughter, no matter how evil she might be.  Cecelia finally gets the better of her, but it turns out she can’t kill her mother either.  So she takes the plans from Ethan and then says, “When next we meet, we’re enemies!”

In the epilogue, Sylvia takes Ethan back to Rampart City.  The dude from the War Department hires him to work with some “top men” on secret projects so that they can be prepared when the shit hits the fan.

Sylvia then goes back to the archives.  Aggie has recovered some of her power, but it’s still a bit unstable.  They go home, Sylvia putting Aggie to bed and caring for her.  Before she falls asleep, Aggie says that it wasn’t the Nazis or even a Heretic who broke into Hisae’s place:  it was a witch!  In other words, there’s a traitor in the coven.

Finally we shift to third person as Cecelia goes to visit the Headmistress.  She delivers the mostly completed plans for the magic wand.  She figures the Nazis can fill in the rest of the blanks.  The Headmistress congratulates her and says that soon they will have their revenge.  [ominous music…]


Tomorrow is a real blog entry…


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  1. Holy globe trotting batman!

  2. Lots happening here!

  3. If I’m running long I could have Cecelia show up in Casablanca and Ethan get wounded there and not go through with the going through the desert part. Ve shall see.

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