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Wii Bit More Fun

April 3, 2011

A couple weeks ago I posted pictures of some Mii characters for my Wii based on some of my story characters.

I created a couple more to go with my latest opus.

In the green is our main character Sylvia Joubert, a badass witch.  On either side are the men in her life.  To the left is her latest beau Ethan Fraser.  And to her right is Alejandro, the man she had an affair with over 100 years earlier.  Making it more complicated is that Alejandro was married to Sylvia’s sister Agnes, who’s in the pink–and not really to scale.


And then recently I got Grand Slam Tennis in the mail.  You can create your own tennis players, so I made one male and one female.  The male one is Rogue Mutt, though he looks nothing like me.  I mean, he doesn’t look anything like a bulldog!  And the female one is Dr. Emma Earl, the star of this series.  I picked red for her clothes because her armor is red and her racket is yellow because her sword is yellow.  Pretty slick.  For the record, though, Rogue Mutt is the better player.  Just not as sexy.  I managed to get some action shots of her after she won a match too.

At some point I should get the Sims and have some fun with that.

Don’t forget Monday is the next entry.  At 8:30 EST sharp.



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  1. Now I’ve got Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” on play in my head. I love that song…but never appreciate the earworm.

    Maybe I can cure it by watching an episode of Raising Hope on Hulu!

  2. Sounds fun! I saw a Sims version of “The Hunger Games.” Only watched a bit, but it was very interesting. I think I need to get a visual like this for my characters. A lot of bloggers recommend having a picture of someone who looks like them (celebrity, drawing, whatever) near your desk for inspiration. Might have to go mess around with this now . . .

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