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Monday Musings: Brave New World!

March 28, 2011

I decided to abandon the Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday schedule and move to a more traditional Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.  A couple of reasons for this:

  1. The Sunday view numbers were struggling and I was dogging those entries anyway.
  2. When I started I thought I’d be writing the entries the day of posting, but since WordPress allows you to schedule days or weeks in advance I write most entries far in advance so it doesn’t matter what days I set them for.
  3. I figure people have more time for reading blogs on the weekdays.  Weekends they’ve got kids, yard work, sports, shopping, and whatever else to do, which might explain why Sunday’s numbers weren’t good.

So then, here’s how the new schedule works:

  • Monday Musings:  Whatever writing/book/or general stuff I feel like talking about.
  • Writing Wednesday:  Replacing the Terrible Tips, just whatever awful writing tips I feel like sharing.
  • Friday Flix:  If there’s one thing I like talking about as much as books it’s movies.  And I like alliteration.  So there.

I usually set the entries to post between 8:30-9am EST.  I have no idea what time that is if you’re in the UK or New Zealand or whatnot.


Now then, here’s the first musing.  Did you know William Shatner’s album “The Transformed Man” features a great philosophy lesson for writers?  I shit you not.  The track, “Theme From Cyrano” features words that all writers should follow.  Here they are from Just Some Lyrics:

What would you have me do?

Seek out some wealthy patron and crawl like a clinging vine up the lordly tree? Rising by deceit and trickery instead of my own strength?
No thank you.

Imitate what others do and dedicate my works to the rich in the hope of arousing a smile of recognition from some sterile face?
No thank you.

Breakfast everyday on insults, wear our my knees and warp my spine with endless bowing and groveling in the dust?
No thank you.

Become a master of hypocrisy and opportunism? Never letting my right hand know what my left is doing? Burn incense for some glorified idol of the day, pull the proper strings?
No thank you.

Shall I become the captain of some literary cult by writing stupid love songs for wealthy widows and navigate to success with their sighs filing out my sails? Pay some publisher to print my poems and bribe some critic to review them?
No, thank you!

Shall I become the high priest of a petty group of hack writers who dine together once a week?
No, I thank you!

Shall I build my reputation on one flawless poem and never write another, should I scheme to get my name mentioned in the columns of some newspaper and smack my lips over little praises written about me?
No, thank you.

Shall I calculate and scheme, live in fear, make visits instead of rhymes, meet all the right people, seek introductions and favors?
No, thank you.
No I thank you . . .
And again, I thank you!

Oh my friend, I prefer to sing, to laugh, to dream, to travel light in my own way to see things as they are, and speak out without fear, to cock my hat at any angle that I choose, to duel if necessary for a quick “yes” or “no.” I prefer to work alone without any thought of reward, to scorn fame for a journey to the moon. Never write a line that does not ring with sincerity. I shall be content with the fruits and flowers that grow in my garden, no matter how small, because they belong to me. Then if success should come my way, no tribute ever need be paid to Caesar, whatever fortune or misfortune that happens shall be mine and only mine.

And although I may never reach the stature of a great oaken tree, I shall never be a parasitic vine. I will climb perhaps to no great height, but I will . . . climb . . . alone.

After you get over snickering at the cheesiness of Shatner’s album, you realize that what he quotes here, I presume from Shakespeare, makes as much sense today as it did in Shatner’s hey-day or Shakespeare’s day.  That is, don’t be a kiss-ass or write something because you think people will like it.  Do what you want to do, write what you want, and let the chips fall where they may.  Make it on your own steam and your own beliefs.  If you don’t make it, then fine.  At least this way you’ll own your success or failure instead of owing it to someone else.

And that is why Bill Shatner is awesome.  As if Star Trek and the Priceline commercials weren’t enough.

So if you were paying attention, you’d know Wednesday is the next entry.  We’ll continue with philosophy, only this time it’s about my 4 tenets of coping with rejection.


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  1. I can’t believe you write on my blog that you’ll have to wait for the reviews of Captain America before it is worth seeing and then you come here and rave about Bill Shatner. He’s arguably one of the worst actors there is having only found comedy as a natural extension of an outrageous act that he does essentially paroding himself. Don’t get me wrong…I like Shatner and I think he’s funny. I just can’t understand your standard for rating film. I too look at Rotten Tomatoes and read reviews (most namely Roger Ebert). But you won’t see me going back to my website and quoting the awsome ideas of Keanu Reeves after I’ve just stated that I won’t go see a movie because it may have bad reviews (Keanu Reeves is bad mmkay).

    • I’ll probably see the Cap movie at some point, but if from the reviews I get the impression the movie sucks then I won’t pay full theater price to see it–especially if it’s in 3D and I have to spring for the stupid glasses.

      I’ve had someone riding me because I won’t go see “True Grit” in the theaters. It’s not that the reviews are bad–on the contrary–but Westerns aren’t really my thing, so I can wait until June for the DVD.

      So yeah I’m just really picky about which ones I go see in the theater. I only saw 1 movie in theaters last year: “Iron Man 2” only because it was Memorial Day and I was bored.

  2. You know, when I first read the words “William Shatner’s album” my brain replaced Shatner with Shakespeare. And I was thinking, “I wonder if I should tell him that I’m pretty sure it’s an imposter.”

    And I’m totally being nosey on the comments . . . but they don’t even give you the 3-D glasses at the theater anymore? Sadly, that shows you how long it’s been since I saw anything in 3-D. Come to think of it, I believe I was in Disney World at the time. Never mind.

  3. M-W-F seems to pick up more traffic, for sure!

    And yes, Bill Shatner IS awesome! 😉

  4. Those are bad ass lyrics
    Best thing I’ve read all day. Rock on, Bill!

  5. Wow. I loved this. Not gonna lie, when I read “William Shatner” I was not expecting anything remotely so lovely. It’s good to read encouraging things like this every now and then! My book is so “out there” that it kind of scares me! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yes, there’s a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He rocks.

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