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Rogue Mutt & the Second Crusade

February 9, 2011

Historically crusades have been utter failures, with a couple of exceptions:

  1. Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade:  Great movie.  Harrison Ford and Sean Connery?  Hell yeah!  And for most people that’s still the last Indiana Jones movie.
  2. The Highest Crusade:  that was the title of a story I wrote in 5th Grade.  It’s not a stoner comedy; it’s some kind of action story about a pilot named Buster who fights Libyans or something because it was the ’80s and I’d watched “Iron Eagle” a couple years earlier.  This was a successful crusade because I got an A on it.  Which inspired me to write a sequel and then later more sequels and essentially gave me the writing bug.  (So maybe it wasn’t that successful…)

Anyway, the point is that a “friend” whose blog I follow mentioned this Writer’s Platform Building Crusade.  At first I looked it over and thought, “What a lot of work!”  Then I thought about it and said, “Well, what the hell.”  I mean when you average 2 views a day your blog can either get busy promoting itself or get busy dying.

As part of the many entry rules to keep lazy people like me out you’re supposed to pimp it on your blog.  Which I just did in a roundabout fashion.  So there.  They’ll probably refuse to let me join their club because of my bad attitude, though.  Oh well.

Until next time…


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One Comment
  1. Hey Rogue Mutt, welcome to the Crusade (bad attitude and all) 😉 I hope you’re not jinxing us, LOL.


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