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Scribblings: Mental Movie Trailer Edition

February 8, 2011

You ever have it happen when you’re going to sleep and just before you do, you get an idea?  Last night as I was going to sleep I was trying to think of a query for the first Scarlet Knight story.  Instead, I somehow got to thinking of a movie trailer!  (I’m probably insane.)

The thing is, like the query, I haven’t really thought of the exact words to go with the trailer, but I saw how the images would go together in my brain.


Opening:  scene from the flashback where Emma is 8 years old in the car with her parents.  Bright light and then CRUNCH! they’re hit by another car.

Then we do a cut with a second of black and a burst of Hans Zimmer-like score.

After that a few seconds from near the end of the flashback where Emma sees her mom lying facedown on the street in a pool of blood.

Do another cut to the front of the Plaine Museum of Natural History

Closer-up we have 19-year-old Emma with her new boss Ian, who says something welcoming her

Then another cut to where Emma is in her lab and her future boyfriend Dan Dreyfus shows up with the evil black crate that looks like that thing in 2001.

Another cut to inside the museum during the fancy charity gala when there’s an explosion.

Another quick cut to when Emma is at the top of the steps to the third floor and sees the outline of the evil Black Dragoon.

Then we cut to when Emma is in the hospital and is visited by her mother’s ghost telling her to find the armor.

Another cut to inside the Sanctuary beneath the museum, where Emma is opening the red crate for the magic armor.   As she opens the crate and holds up the helmet, Marlin the ghost tells her something about what it is.

Then we cut to Emma all dressed up in the armor and maybe like holding up the golden Sword of Justice.  Close in on her face as she says something like, “Let’s do it.”

Now we need a big final montage with dramatic music and action shots of Emma fighting the Black Dragoon.

Then it should end with the Sword of Justice flying towards the screen and the title:  A Hero’s Journey–in 3D! (Because everything has to be in 3D)

Throw in the final cards for credits/rating and the release date and we’re done!

Now tell me if I did that right you wouldn’t go see that movie.  Of course you would!  Unless you hate superhero movies, in which case you probably wouldn’t no matter what I did.


Does that give me any ideas for a query?  No, but wouldn’t it be great if I could film that and send it to an agent?  That would get their attention!  Except they probably wouldn’t open the MPEG or whatever or go to a link on YouTube.  Damn.

Until next time…


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