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Scribblings: Mental Movie Edition, Pt 2

February 8, 2011

If you read the last post, you’d know while semi-conscious I came up with an idea for how to do a movie trailer for my first Scarlet Knight novel.

Then as I was sitting on the can, I got to thinking:  how would I do a movie trailer for my novel, Where You Belong?  And without much thinking I came up with something.

Roll it!


We’d open kind of the same way with Frost at 3 in the car with his mom.  Then CRUNCH! a sewer pipe hits the car.  We could probably have some voice over by adult Frost in here.

We cut then to Frost lying on the floor with flames around.

Then we cut to Frost in the hospital with Nurse Frost (the woman he’s named for) sitting by the bed and saying that his mom is dead and his father is gone.  [And what we need here instead of an instrumental score is an adult alternative pop song like Coldplay or Snow Patrol or Train or something like they’d use on “Grey’s Anatomy.”  Near the end of this mini-scene we’d start it out low.]

[With music still low in the background]We cut to Frost at kindergarten and the Maguire twins introduce themselves.

Now the music gets louder as we bring on a montage of Frost with Frankie (sitting in the window of her house, kissing, fucking, etc.) in Iowa and Phoenix and also Frost with Frank (kissing, but not fucking because gay sex creeps people out) in New York City and Yearling, New York.

And we should wind it up with some voice over from Frost and probably him at home in Iowa or something, looking alone and sad at a sunset or something.

Which then cuts to the title:  Where You Belong–not in 3D because we don’t waste 3D on dramas!

Then you bring on the credits/rating and coming soon date.

This one probably needs a little more work, but it’s a good start!


Like I said before I’m not sure how much that would help with writing a query or anything, though really it might help cement in my head the things that are actually important to the story.  Because really a movie trailer is a sort of synopsis, except that you try to pick some of the most dramatic moments and tie them together, which kind of tells you what’s the most important stuff.

That was fun.  I wonder how many more of these I could do?  Probably a lot.

Until next time…


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