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Tripartite Solution

February 2, 2011

When I finished the Scarlet Knight series of stories, it occurred to me that the sixth one was my favorite.  The thought occurred to me:  I wonder if I could find a way to do a stand-alone of that?  And then it occurred to me last night that yes I could.

Pretty easy really, we just have to drop a few things and change timing of some other things.  But the characters would largely be the same.  There would be our hero Emma Earl, but now she’s approaching 50 and the superhero business is getting tougher.  The story would focus more on her daughter Louise, who is 19 and a genius scientist like her mother.  Somehow she’s never found out her mother’s secret.  They haven’t had the best relationship, though, for the most part because of Louise’s “one-sided pissing contest” to do better than her mother.  Then a very deadly enemy from Emma’s past returns and nearly kills her.  So the superhero job then falls to Louise.  As she struggles to fight the new enemy she and her mom become closer, with Louise learning some things like how her mother got pulled into this and who her real father is.  We’ll probably keep her best friend Renee, who is the daughter of a witch and a woman from a parallel universe who has some issues of her own.  So the whole thing becomes about mother/father/child bonding.  Woo hoo.


Now to the Tripartite Solution.  Basically the way I figure it I should do three things, not exactly simultaneously but within close proximity to each other.

  1. Clean up/query the original Scarlet Knight story.  If I could sell that I wouldn’t have to do anything else!
  2. Continue working on current project, which is a sort of reboot/spin-off or whatever.  Or as DC Comics would say, it’s a Tale of the Multiverse.  I’m kind of dogging it right now, but soon it might be time for some working around the clock.
  3. Then work on this new project.  Especially if the first two don’t pan out for anything.  It’d be nice if something from what I spent the last 2 years on could be read by more than myself.

None of these will probably work out, but in the meantime that should at the very least keep me busy.  Huzzah.

Until next time…


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