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Scribblings: Revised Revisions

January 28, 2011

The Magic Wand

Rough Story Outline

Theme-like substance:  The magic of love and whatnot.

Chapter 10

  • Coop and Cecelia arrive in Boston and go to a seemingly normal house that is a Heretic safe house.  A few of the Heretics are there disguised as young women.
  • When Coop goes to take a nap or a crap or something Cecelia talks with the Heretics, telling them they can’t damage Coop by torturing/killing him or tipping him off about the Headmistress.  She also finds out that the Heretic assigned to get the wand failed and is dead.

Chapter 11

  • Sylvia and Aggie talk as they travel to Boston and find the safe house.  They decide to wait until night for Sylvia to sneak in.
  • Meanwhile Coop and Cecelia talk and she tries to convince him to go somewhere “safe” to resume his work, but he’s hesitant to leave Rampart City.

Chapter 12

  • That night with Aggie waiting in the truck a couple blocks away as the wheel man, Sylvia sneaks into the house and runs afoul of the Heretics.
  • She takes care of them and then skirmishes with Cecelia before grabbing Coop.  She vanishes him to where the car is waiting and they take off–she probably puts Coop to sleep like in the Prologue.

Chapter 13

  • As they drive back to Rampart City, Coop wakes up and realizes that a witch like Sylvia was the one who appeared in his bedroom when he was little.  Sylvia tells him that it actually was her, only she looked older at the time.
  • They go back to the house, where down in the basement Aggie gives Coop a potion to change his appearance–Sylvia probably changes hers as well.  Then they get some stuff together and vanish to Edinburgh.

Chapter 14

  • Sylvia takes Coop up to the attic of the house in Edinburgh, explaining along the way how she got the house from Connor and took up his arms selling business.
  • She meets Glenda at the pub, where they discuss what to do with Coop.  Afterwards she goes back to the house to find that someone’s broken in.
  • Coop is waiting for Sylvia when he hears noise downstairs.  An assassin comes after him and he manages to hold her off long enough for Sylvia to appear.  They vanish to Japan.

Chapter 15

  • There they meet Sylvia’s mentor Hisae Chu, who takes Coop in while Sylvia goes to warn Aggie.
  • Coop talks to Hisae, learning a little more about the coven and Sylvia.  (Or something.)

Chapter 16

  • Sylvia meets with Aggie, telling Aggie to go somewhere else for a little while.  Aggie agrees to go, wishing Sylvia luck and telling her to be careful.
  • Cecelia goes to Aggie’s house later to find Aggie gone.  She makes a call to the Headmistress and then goes to Red’s house or dorm or whatever.

Chapter 17

  • Sylvia and Hisae talk in private while Coop takes a nap or something, at least until more assassins come after them.
  • Sylvia and Hisae defeat them, but it’s decided that they need to go somewhere else.

Chapter 18

  • They go to Romania (or wherever Transylvania was) where Sylvia used to have a safe house when she hunted vampires.  They have a heated argument, during which Sylvia decides she needs to find out who’s trying to kidnap Coop.
  • She leaves Coop there alone so that she can go try to find out something about these assassins.  Coop tries to find a way to call home, but there’s no phone and he can’t get out of the safe house.

Chapter 19

  • She vanishes to New Orleans, where she meets Andre, her old friend from the French Revolution, who’s managed to stay alive thanks to voodoo magic.  (Or technically he might be undead.  Whatever.)
  • She talks to him about the assassins they’ve run into and he tells her about some rumors he’s heard about a secret society known as the Heretics.
  • Their meeting is interrupted, and after escaping, Sylvia goes back to Romania.

Chapter 20

  • Sylvia decides that maybe these Heretics are tracking her magic when she vanishes, so she and Coop take to the hills by conventional means.
  • They flee east towards Switzerland.  Along the way they probably talk a bit more about who wants to capture Coop and why and about magic and stuff in general.

Chapter 21

  • They reach the Milton School for Girls.  Sylvia leaves Coop to go in and talk with Regina Milton.
  • Sylvia wants Regina to help her hide Coop, but Regina refuses, insisting that it’s too dangerous to keep him with a bunch of young girls.
  • Sylvia goes back to give Coop the bad news.  She decides they’ll go to Italy, where she knows some places from when she visited there with Alejandro.

Chapter 22

  • Aggie goes to Red’s house/dorm, along the way thinking of Alejandro and feeling disappointed that she has to leave Red for a while.  When she gets there, someone knocks her out!
  • When she wakes up she’s in her basement and Cecelia is there with Red and starts threatening Aggie to tell her where Sylvia has gone.  Aggie finally blurts something out as Cecelia tortures Red.  Then Cecelia fetches an Inner Child potion to give Aggie.

Chapter 23

  • Coop senses that something is wrong when they reach Florence and after some prodding, Sylvia takes him somewhere private to talk
  • Sylvia tells him about her affair with Alejandro that eventually produced a daughter, who she gave up.
  • Coop and Sylvia share a tender moment.  Then more assassins show up!  This time when the assassins come for them, they tell Sylvia that they have Aggie.  They’ll trade her for Coop on the old Joubert estate in France.

Chapter 24

  • So Sylvia and Coop go to Marseilles, where they look through the house until they find where Cecelia has Aggie captive.  Cecelia used an Inner Child potion to make Aggie a little mortal girl.
  • Coop is surprised to see his girlfriend Cecelia there holding Aggie hostage.  Cecelia then reveals her true self and as she talks about how long she and the Heretics have waited for revenge, everything falls in place for Sylvia.
  • Sylvia realizes that Cecelia is her daughter, the one she gave up 190 years ago and thought was long dead.  There’s a skirmish and Cecelia ends up with Coop and then stabs Sylvia with a knife coated in the same Inner Child potion she used on Aggie.

Chapter 25

  • Later, after a possible flashback of Sylvia giving up her daughter, she wakes up.
  • Little Sylvia and little Aggie have to work together to brew a couple of potions to get them both back to normal.  Aggie wants to go with Sylvia to track down Cecelia and Coop, but Sylvia refuses.  She knows the only real chance they have to get Coop/the wand back without killing Cecelia is for her to reason with Cecelia, which she has to do alone.  But maybe she asks Aggie to go find Glenda and sound the alarm with the other witches, just in case Sylvia fails.
  • She goes back to New Orleans, where with some help from Andre (and using something Coop has worn or something like a bloodhound), Sylvia makes something so she can detect the magic wand’s residue, which should lead her to Cecelia and Coop.

Chapter 26

  • This takes Sylvia to Notre Dame in Paris, ironically where she left Cecelia to go with her adopted parents.  Sylvia confronts Cecelia, telling her everything while at the same time trying to hold off the magic from the wand.
  • Cecelia gets the upper hand, but she can’t bring herself to destroy Sylvia, realizing the truth that her mother really does love her.  Instead, she takes the wand and runs away, promising that they’ll meet again.
  • Coop and Sylvia hug and make out a bit in their elation, but then quickly break it off.  Sylvia vanishes them back to Rampart City so Coop can go home.


  • Later, Sylvia meets with Glenda to go over things.  They’re looking for the wand, but it seems Cecelia has found a way to hide its magic signature.  So they have to wait for the other shoe to drop.
  • Even later, Sylvia goes back to Rampart City, where she and Aggie talk about Alejandro and Cecelia and hug it out.  Sylvia decides she’s going to be around more to spend more time with her sister.  But then she leaves to go check on Coop.  There’s some awkwardness and a brief kiss before they part ways.
  • And then we have Cecelia turning over the wand to the Headmistress, who congratulates her and says this is their first step towards victory.  After that, Cecelia goes somewhere to be alone and think about her mother and her future.

Or some damned thing…


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