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Revised Scribblings

January 21, 2011

OK, so I sat down at lunch and jotted down how to get myself out of the latest mess I created.

Chapter 8

  • Sylvia goes to Rampart State and finds Emma.  After a talk about the night before (which is hazy to Emma) she says that Coop thinks Sylvia took the wand.
  • Sylvia goes to Coop’s apartment but finds that he’s already gone, as is Cecelia.

Chapter 9

  • Sylvia goes home, where Aggie helps her make something to track down Coop’s weird magic signature.  (Some kind of funky glasses or something.)
  • They set out in Sylvia’s truck, Aggie wearing the funky glasses so she can see Coop’s trail while Sylvia drives.  They eventually get on the highway and head north(?) to Boston.

Chapter 10

  • Coop and Cecelia arrive in Boston and go to a seemingly normal house that is a Heretic safe house.  A few of the Heretics are there disguised as young women.
  • When Coop goes to take a nap or a crap or something Cecelia talks with the Heretics, telling them they can’t damage Coop by torturing/killing him or tipping him off about the Headmistress.  She also finds out that the Heretic assigned to get the wand failed and is dead.

Chapter 11

  • Sylvia and Aggie talk as they travel to Boston and find the safe house.  They decide to wait until night for Sylvia to sneak in.
  • Meanwhile Coop and Cecelia talk and she tries to convince him to go somewhere “safe” to resume his work, but he’s hesitant to leave Rampart City.

Chapter 12

  • That night with Aggie waiting in the truck a couple blocks away as the wheel man, Sylvia sneaks into the house and runs afoul of the Heretics.
  • She takes care of them and then skirmishes with Cecelia before grabbing Coop.  She vanishes him to where the car is waiting and they take off–she probably puts Coop to sleep like in the Prologue.

Chapter 13

  • As they drive back to Rampart City, Coop wakes up and realizes that a witch like Sylvia was the one who appeared in his bedroom when he was little.  Sylvia tells him that it actually was her, only she looked older at the time.
  • They go back to the house, where down in the basement Aggie gives Coop a potion to change his appearance–Sylvia probably changes hers as well.  Then they get some stuff together and vanish to Edinburgh.

Chapter 14

  • Sylvia takes Coop up to the attic of the house in Edinburgh, explaining along the way how she got the house from Connor and took up his arms selling business.
  • She meets Glenda at the pub, where they discuss what to do with Coop.  Afterwards she goes back to the house to find that someone’s broken in.
  • Coop is waiting for Sylvia when he hears noise downstairs.  An assassin comes after him and he manages to hold her off long enough for Sylvia to appear.  They vanish somewhere else.

Thus we dovetail back into Chapter 10 or so of the old outline!


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