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Weekend Update #2

January 17, 2011

Over the MLK day weekend I wrote nearly 11,000 words, most of it on Sunday and Monday.  I could do more today, but I’m at one of those points where I’ve fucked up my outline.  Now is probably a good time to wait a few days to recalculate things and then go at it some other time.  Maybe not next weekend since I have to go to the dentist and get a tooth dealt with.  Maybe some time after that.

What fucked things up is that I decided to give my resident superhero Emma Earl a bigger role in this story.  Except in this story Emma’s only 13 and obviously not a superhero.  She’s not even a sidekick.  I also wrote in Randall “Red” Reed from the 4th Scarlet Knight story (and the 8th one too) as Aggie’s boyfriend.  Those things are helping to take some things in a new direction.

This is what I meant in that entry about first drafts being shit.  This is shit, but I’m hoping to clean it up in the next round.  Maybe I should just call Roto Rooter.

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow…


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