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December 30, 2010

This was supposed to be a comment on Blogger so I could read over it later when I get back from vacation.  Then fucking Blogger crashed and erased the thing, so maybe I’ll have better luck here.  Damn it.

OK, this is the very rough idea (again) for the “Sisterhood” reboot.  The idea here is to maybe make something a little more commercially viable.  Or not.  Probably not.

As in the original it focuses on Sylvia Joubert, who is a witch specializing in “offensive magic,” which means she destroys bogeymen, demons, vampires, and all sorts of other evil magic thingies.  She’s part of a secret witch coven that’s kind of like a magical Men in Black.  Her sister Agnes is part of it too, as was her sister Sophie, who is dead–or so we think!

Anyway, it starts in 1990-ish when Sylvia is nearly 500 years old.  She’s tracked a bogeyman into the bedroom of a little boy named Tim Cooper.  She flushes the bogeyman out and destroys it, thinking that Coop is asleep.  But he isn’t!  He sees her use her magic and this prompts him to see the world in a new light.

Flash forward 20 years and Coop has completed the prototype for a “magic wand” that would let normal people like him tap into magic witches use.  A lot of people would love this, including some not very nice people who are part of an organization known as the Heretics.  The Heretics are made of girls who are only half-witches or less, basically the bastard offspring of a witch and a normal person.  But if they had the “magic wand” technology, they could use magic too and kick the coven’s ass to take their rightful place in the world or whatever.  You know, rule the world and such Dr. Evil shit.

The Heretics send their top assassin Artemis to capture Coop and the prototype.  The coven catches wind of what Coop is doing and has Sylvia go find him.  She manages to get there just in time to keep Artemis from kidnapping Coop and taking the magic wand.  Sylvia and Coop go on the lam and fall in love.  They wind up at Sylvia and Agnes’s old house in France, but of course Artemis finds them.  In the fighting Sylvia discovers that Artemis is her daughter.

Then we flash back to about 200 years ago when Agnes married a normal person named Alejandro.  In time Sylvia and Alejandro had an affair and produced a baby.  Alejandro wanted to give the baby to Agnes to raise as their adopted child with Sylvia as the “aunt” to avoid a scandal.  (Which is ripped off from AS Byatt’s “Possession.”)  Instead, Sylvia gives the baby away with the help of a lawyer to a wealthy family where she hopes her daughter will be safe.

Back in the present, Sylvia has to catch up to Cecelia before she can turn Coop and the magic wand over to the Heretics.  There’s a big battle somewhere and once Sylvia gets Cecelia cornered, she says, “Cecelia, I am your father, er, mother.”  To which Cecelia screams, “No!  That’s impossible!”  Then she throws herself down a long chute.

Not really.  But she probably does run away, swearing revenge on her mother.  Because Cecelia didn’t have an easy life.   Her adopted family died when she was a baby and she went to an orphanage before being adopted by another family.  Except the father sexually abused her until she got knocked up.  She ran away during a blizzard, where she was rescued by the head of the Heretics and trained as an assassin.  (Which you would know if you read this.)

Sylvia and Coop go back home and have to deal with their feelings for each other.  Maybe Sylvia tries to play it cool, though we know she won’t be able to forever.

The theme-like substances should be that Sylvia can’t always be a lone wolf, that she needs the help of people like her sister and Coop in order to save the day.  Also something about the magic of love and whatnot.

So besides Sylvia, Coop, and Cecelia/Artemis we have some other characters:

  • Agnes:  Sylvia’s sister who is good at potions and sewing.  She was featured much more in the “Tales of the Scarlet Knight” stories but I’m not sure how big her role will be here.
  • Glenda:  the head of the witch coven who gives Sylvia her assignments and then screams at her for being a loose cannon playing by her own rules and demands Sylvia’s badge and gun.
  • Andre/Rachel:  Not sure which one it should be.  These were friends of Sylvia’s during the French Revolution who moved to Louisiana during The Terror before Napoleon took power.  Whichever one managed to survive thanks to some voodoo magic.  He/she acts like Sylvia’s Huggy Bear to give her the word on the street
  • The Headmistress:  She’s the head of the Heretics, who gives Cecelia/Artemis her assignments.  Maybe we just see her one arm at her desk and her cat while she watches things unfold and curses Sylvia and the coven while screaming, “Next time!” (That’s an “Inspector Gadget” reference.)

OK, that’s pretty much it for now.  Let’s hope we have better luck with fucking WordPress because I’m not typing this fucking thing a third fucking time.

*Just a couple of quick notes here:

Shortly after the prologue, Coop is working at Rampart State on his magic wand when his girlfriend drops by.  That girlfriend is Cecelia in disguise, who’s getting close to Coop so she can steal the thing when it’s done.

Eventually Sylvia shows up and gets Coop out of there.  They run somewhere and from there they have to avoid various other Heretic assassins.  That is until Cecelia finally catches up to them in France.  Maybe she kidnaps Aggie or something too.  I’m not sure.


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  1. Ethan Cooper permalink

    Tim Cooper!!!

    A great name!

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