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First Annual Writing Year in Review

December 23, 2010

In terms of word count and stories written, it was a very good year; in terms of publishing anything, not so much.  But Kindle sales on Where You Belong were through the roof, especially in September!

Without further ado, this is everything writing-wise I did in 2010, with a random memory or fun fact tossed in.

  1. Change of Heart (100,000 words) Random Memory:  I started this at the mall in Novi after my yearly pilgrimage to buy calendars on sale.  Fun Fact:  Every year since 2003 I’ve bought one lighthouse calendar and one St. Bernards calendar.  Don’t ask why.
  2. A Hero’s Journey (Graphic Novel script) Fun Fact:  After reading Michael Chabon’s Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay I thought maybe I should have been writing comic books like Sammy Clay.  Now I realize it’s dreadfully dull.
  3. Imperfect Love (129,000 words) Fun Fact:  This is where I began “working around the clock” in order to meet my insane, self-imposed deadlines.  It also spawned the prequel story based on a comment I made on the blog saying that all the backstory on Sylvia the witch would make an interesting book.
  4. Future Shock (143,000 words) Random Memory:  I wrote the first six or so chapters in Toronto on vacation, which is the first time I’ve done any serious writing on vacation.  It never would have happened if the border guards hadn’t searched my car and then I lost my parking garage pass at the hotel, both of which convinced me that it’d be nice to just stay inside the room and do some writing.  Thank you, Canada!
  5. Living Sacrifice (115,000 words) Random Memory:  I wrote the first version of Chapter 20 in the sweltering heat of a local park, which is probably why it ended up to be so terribly weird.  (The revised version is slightly better.)
  6. The Heart of Emma Earl (167,000 words) Fun Fact:  This includes my favorite line of dialog in the whole series:  “Yeah, you are kind of a dumbass.”
  7. Sisterhood, Tales of the Coven I (130,000 words) Random Memory:  I wrote a large chunk of this over Labor Day weekend.  I rented a room in Novi with a hot tub in it, but in between Jacuzzi dips I would go across the street to the half-filled mall and sit on a bench to type.  The only drawback being if I had to use the bathroom I had to run into Borders or go back to the room.
  8. “Meet Cute” (short story) Fun Fact:  As a birthday gift to myself I bought the CBC series that is thinly disguised in this story.  I’ve been watching the first season on DVD all week.  What’s great about Canadian TV is you’re allowed to say “shit” and have gratuitous ass shots and screaming orgasms, though sadly no full frontal nudity.  Basically it’s like watching something on Showtime or HBO.
  9. Chet Finley vs. The Machines of Fate (110,000 words) Random Memory:  I wrote part of Chapter 1 in a park with like 60mph winds and kept waiting for some of the swaying trees to snap off and crush me.
  10. A Hero’s Journey (133,000 words) Fun Fact:  The only reason I use the opera “Götterdämmerung” is because it’s referenced in the movie, “Free Enterprise,” which is one of my favorites.  I relied on Wikipedia’s plot summary, so it’s probably terribly inaccurate.

There you go, that sums up the year.  I’d like to include some kind of life lessons or writing lessons or whatever, but if you want life lessons buy a self-help book and I’ve already done writing lessons here, so by now you pretty much know everything I know–which isn’t much.

It would be a tall order to duplicate this performance in 2011.  I don’t think I want to try.  What I really want to do is get back to some more literary writing.  I haven’t come up with an idea yet, but maybe I’ll think of something.  Or I’ll just throw together something with vampires.  (Fun Fact:  That last sentence is borrowed from “The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror IV” which parodied “Night Gallery.”)

Happy Holidays and have a Happy and Safe New Year!


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  1. Lisa Potts permalink

    Wow, really…wow. I feel like such a slacker reading your list. Congrats on all of the hard work and self-imposed deadlines. I’m sure that literary idea will come soon enough. Happy holidays!

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