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Status Update #10 (Pt.2) This Battle Station is Fully Operational

December 19, 2010

The entry title is a reference to the second Death Star in “Return of the Jedi.”  Not only did I recently finish reading a Star Wars book, but “Family Guy” and “Robot Chicken” Star Wars parodies come out this week.  And really I just completed my own epic saga, so it feels right.

Anyway, in part 1 I described my project to finish patching up all 8 Tales of the Scarlet Knight stories.  I finished going through the first one on Saturday night and then today loaded all 8 onto new blogs.  Here’s the list!

  1. A Hero’s Journey (133,000 words)
  2. Time Enough to Say Goodbye (89,000 words)
  3. The Hazards of Love (92,000 words)
  4. Change of Heart (100,000 words)
  5. Imperfect Love (129,000 words)
  6. Future Shock (143,000 words)
  7. Living Sacrifice (115,000 words)
  8. The Heart of Emma Earl (167,000 words)

Throw in the prequel story and the series is over a million words!  None of them will ever be traditionally published because I have no idea how to query this.  The plots revolve around a superhero, but there’s not a lot of comic book-style action.  Most of the central characters are women.  And there are no sexy male vampires or werewolves.  So really, what’s the audience niche for that?  Probably nothing.

How can you write a million words with no audience?  But I always say I write books for me and just let the chips fall where they may.  “Coloring in the lines” as someone once called it in his blog is not my specialty.  At least I find the stories very readable.  Sometimes if I have nothing really to do at work I’ll just go to the blog for one and read a few chapters.

My favorite is still Volume 6.  In that one our hero Dr. Emma Earl is pregnant and worried about the future.  Then a spell transports her 20 years into the future, where she meets her daughter Louise.  But then after an evil goddess shows up for revenge, Emma is badly injured and her daughter takes her place as a hero to save the day.  Mostly I like the interaction between Emma and her grown daughter.  At some point maybe I should just retool that one into a stand-alone story.

Volume 8 is my second-favorite just for its epicness.  But really I didn’t hate any of them that much.  That’s probably just me.


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