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Status Update #10 (Pt. 1) The Grand Finale

December 16, 2010

Way back on September 20th, I posted my revised To Do List up to the end of the year.  This was the last thing on the list:

Scarlet Knight Series–Plugging the Holes:  For the other 7 stories I’m planning to do more patching than outright rebuilds.  At least for now because rewriting 8 stories would be annoying even for me.  I’ve already started with changing some names to be consistent throughout and some minor tweaks to fix plot holes and such.  A few places I’ll have to rewrite some scenes, especially in Volume 3.

I finally got started with that around Thanksgiving.  Now I have to just go over one last story, which ironically is the first story.  Then the series should be reasonably consistent.  It actually took less time than I thought to go through and make what rewrites I needed.

What really took a while was I decided to go back and reread each story to fix any minor things I might have missed or anything that might have cropped up in the meantime.  The problem with that is that entailed reading over about 3,500 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font).  Needless to say that took some working around the clock.

I probably would have been done entirely, except for a nasty stomach bug (food poisoning?) on Monday that had me running to the bathroom about every 15 minutes.  So since this weekend was pretty much just a free weekend anyway, now I’m hoping to reread the first story to make any final edits.

From there it’s posting each story to its new digs.  I thought for the sake of consistency (and possibly better formatting–or at least consistently crappy formatting) to create a new blog for each story to put them up there.  I’ve already got the blogs set up, as you can see here.  So hopefully by next Monday–if I’m not throwing up again–the whole To Do list will be finished and we can roll with a clean slate into the holidays.

Will we make it?  Vee shall see…


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