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Status Update #9: Retroactive Prequel Madness

November 21, 2010

So I finished the next-to-last item on my to-do list, the revised Ultimate Director’s Extended Collector’s Edition Cut of A Hero’s Journey, Tales of the Scarlet Knight, Volume 1.  I sarcastically call it that because for what I call the 4 1/2 version of the story I just threw the kitchen sink in there.  All sorts of background and stuff that really would make this commercially not viable, as if anyone were going to publish it anyway.

What was really interesting is that this time I’d finished 7 sequels, plus a prequel, plus the graphic novel script for this story.  So when I went back to start at the beginning here it was actually like writing a prequel more than the first book of a series.  There are ironic references to things that also happen in later stories and stuff like that.  Character background, especially for the witch characters, changed quite a bit.  It was an odd experience to say the least.

Of course now I should really rewrite the other seven to go along with this.  Instead I’m just going to paper over the plot holes and inconsistencies as best I can.  Because I’m tired and don’t feel like rewriting seven freaking stories.  So sue me, all right?  Anyway, I figure Volume 3 and Volume 7 will need the most revision work.  It’s not that Volume 3 is terrible (that’s Volume 2 in my opinion) but a lot of stuff gets invalidated by future stories and of course now the revised Volume 1.  Volume 7 just had a lot of problems.  Stuff that just didn’t work right, like pretty much the last 10 chapters or so.  I’m just saying.

Depending on how quick I get that done, then I can kick back and chill for the rest of the year.  I should probably think of some stories to write in 2011.  I haven’t really thought of much right now.  I could try to extend this series, but in terms of a 9th one (not a Next Generation sequel or another prequel or a spinoff) I really don’t have much right now.  I kind of like where it’s at right now.  Though I left enough material that I could do more if I thought of a story.  You know, like how can she run around being a superhero and running a museum and raising two kids (only one of which is hers; the other is her clone from another dimension–no, seriously) and try to have a relationship with a guy who spends most of his time in the sewers?  See, and you thought you had it tough with your kids, job, and possibly spouse.

At some point now I might do some more real blog entries.  Maybe I’ll wait until after all this Nano crap is done.  Seems like most of my traffic has dried up since November.  Maybe that’s why.  I don’t know.

That is all.

BTW, for my birthday Monday I’m going to post a couple of crazy birthday party excerpts from past stories.  Woo hoo.  Actually one is probably from the maligned Volume 7.


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