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New, Non-Improved To-Do List

August 21, 2010

In my last regular entry I listed four projects I wanted to do and a fifth optional one.  I’ve done #1 and #4 on the list.  Now I’ve decided to make an alteration to it.  Why?  Cuz I can.  So there.

The New To-Do List:

  1. The Sisterhood:  This is the prequel to the Tales of the Scarlet Knight series.  Basically it chronicles the adventures of the witches in the Scarlet Knight series, Agnes & Sylvia Joubert, before they come to America.  It takes place starting in the early 15th Century on to nearly the end of the 19th Century.  And I’m sure someone could go through and count the number of factual errors I’m sure to make.  This will be followed by me saying I need to bone up on history.  I’ve got some serious boning to do!  I figure it also makes a nice way to segue from the Scarlet Knight series I’ve been doing almost exclusively since about May of 2009 into some other stuff.
  2. Chet Finley vs. The Machines of Fate:  This is a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-type sci-fi dark comedy wherein our guy, renamed Chet Finley, uncovers the vast galactic conspiracy that screws with him and everyone on Earth.  He also discovers the origin of those responsible.
  3. Meet Cute (probably short story):  This is way off the radar screen right now.  The premise occurred to me on vacation in Toronto and borrows from an expression Roger Ebert uses in his reviews.  The “meet cute” is the device in romantic comedies and such where the future couple meets under oftentimes bizarre circumstances.  Anyway, the gist would be that it’s about some guy who keeps waiting around for his Meet Cute, but it never seems to go as he plans.  It’s probably a short story, but maybe I could get it to go longer.  Or maybe I could turn it into a movie script where Gerard Butler or Patrick Dempsey or someone keeps being unlucky and then finally meets Amy Adams or Sandra Bullock or someone and they wind up madly in love.  I smell Razzies!

I should be able to do that before the end of the year.  Then I’ll have to think of more shit to do.


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One Comment
  1. Lisa Potts permalink

    You decided to go with Chet, huh? I like it.

    Even though I’m not much for romantic comedies, I’ll be standing in line for Meet Cute. Fantastic title.

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