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Status Update #4: My Really Ill-Conceived New Writing Project, The Conclusion

August 17, 2010

When I first started blogging here, one of my initial posts concerned my attempt to write a graphic novel script of the first story in my series of superhero novels called Tales of the Scarlet Knight.  After I finished the first draft I wrote a couple of entries comparing and contrasting the difference between writing a graphic novel script (or in my case attempting to do so) and writing a real novel.

Last Saturday I began the process of rewriting that first draft.  Since the last time I’d worked on it, I went on a binge of reading comics, mostly Batman because he’s always been my favorite.  The main thing I gleaned was that my initial script of nearly 300 pages was way too long.  So this time around I concerned myself with stripping out a lot of stuff and in many cases consolidating events to cut down on the number of scenes.  The final result is at about 180 pages and I could probably cut a bit more if I really wanted to, which I don’t.

It really only took 2 full days plus a little time on Sunday to do this.  Most of the work was cutting and pasting, with a little rewriting as needed.

In the final analysis, Stan Lee has nothing to fear from me.  I think I’ll stick to regular novels.  This whole graphic novel script thing was kind of a drag.  Maybe if I could draw to storyboard stuff and that it would be more fun.  But mostly I hated having to cut out so much stuff.  I felt like I lost too much of what really made the story fun for me the first time or two I was writing it and when I was writing the sequels.  I lost almost all of the in-depth stuff about Emma and her friends, so that in the end it feels too shallow.  I guess that’s a similar situation that can happen when you convert a book to a movie, something else I blogged about before.

My final two projects on the list are both regular novels.  I think I’ll do the rechristened Chet Finley and the Machines of Fate next.  I’m annoyed at my brother right now, which would make the other one hard to work on at the moment.

Oh yeah, and if you want to read the graphic novel script (which is a cure for insomnia), you can go to the blog here.


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One Comment
  1. Cutting stuff out sucks, doesn’t it?

    I’m annoyed at my brother now, too.
    ; )

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