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What Do Writers Blog About?

March 1, 2010

I’ve heard it said before that these days a writer should have a blog to in theory drum up an audience for them and their books.  I’ve thought about having a blog for five years or so, but one thing always holds me back:  What the hell would I talk about?

Ideally when you start a blog you write it 5-7 days a week.  The problem is finding 5-7 things a week you actually want to talk about and then finding time to write it.  I used to read a blog by this one guy in St. Louis who tried to do that.  He ran into the problem of not being able to keep up with it because when you’ve got a wife, kids, a real job, and your real writing there’s just not much time left over to come up with blog entries.  So eventually it just all fell by the wayside.

Besides just the time, there is as I mentioned the topics.  What the heck would I talk about?  I’m not JK Rowling or Stephen King or Neil Gaiman; I can’t provide you with any insight into the publishing universe.  I don’t even feel confident enough in terms of grammar or any of that to usually offer suggestions to people.  Mostly at this point I’ve just mellowed on that to the point of “I do it the way I want for me, but you can do it however you want and I don’t really care.”  Because let’s face it, a lot of crap gets published so me coming up with and quoting a bunch of “rules” is just pointless.

So I don’t know, maybe some of y’all follow writer blogs and have some better insight into what they actually talk about.  Maybe if I can figure out what non-famous writers say that interests people I’d start a blog too.

That is all.


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